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  3. You can't reskill while dual wielding. Unequip your weapons.
  4. this is a reskill i got from red envelope using my SA and it still notice me to return to character selection when i'm about to use it on my SA. But this is the notice when i'm trying to use it on my BT :( then why can't i use it?? Thanks
  5. The same thing happened to me with this player, Jadoo otherwise known as YeonJu. She kicked me from the guild because I had to go afk for five minutes. Toxic environment.
  6. halo semuanya... video terbaru dari saya... 'w' / check it out... Special Edition Valentine 2020...
  7. Hello guys, it's me Antoni77... and this my new Video Celestia Luna plays Special Edition for Valentine 2020... ❤️ special thanks for Ivy2002 for the Support Buffs... :) check it out... (if my celestia luna videos later are blocked due copyright, please let me know, by contact me on my facebook Antonius Michael Agus/ djohno...)
  8. maybe it's because you are trying to click items on your inventory (weapons) and then by accidentally you press Skills Buttons? if it's yes? well, don't do that action again next time... I cannot explain it well on english, but I try my best weapons/ items on inventory can be also placed to shortcut button... so because of this, when you clicking items on your inventory and accidentally pressing shortcut button (1 to 0) the system will thinking you are using items, and by that action the system will do as it's command it (if it's weapon/armor that can double click to equip/ change equip immediately, it will do the equip/change the equips) sorry for my bad english... I hope someone can explain it better than me... >w< (if you understand Indonesian, I can explain it very well) xD
  9. you can buy it on NPC Item Shop Alice, Phillo Stones is on Tab 2... :)
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  11. Orange

    Event Ribbon Rewards

    You can obtain ribbons by crafting all other event tokens into ribbons. 5 event tokens = 1 ribbon, check your crafting window!
  12. Hello guys, nite to meet u to all player in this website. I am newbee, i hope u all can help me to anything.. tq

  13. i hate you!!! you no talk leave guild!! it`s very no manners
  14. Hello, Sorry I had to leave the guild. I left a message that it was incompatible and I would be leaving. Timezones are different and don't much of you guys. Thanks to most of you for taking me in and being nice. I do have to say, I had horrible experience from Jadoo. Accusing me of stealing from guild and some other horrible names. I feel bad that the guild has to deal with his reputation, but what he did is just insane and horrible.
  15. Orange

    Event Ribbon Rewards

    Sorry I don't understand, can you explain?
  16. This is the secret of eternal life! It's an amazing guide . Here you go a star 🌟 I have some suggestions: You could add the inventory numbers (which have been cropped in the screenshots), it would make it easier to understand. And maybe some screenshots about the step by step.
  17. good morning, i didn't play for a while i wanted to know which tape it is and if someone has her image, because sometimes i can even be playing away! Thanks
  18. I would like to apply to join the guild. I'm new to this server, I used to play it many years ago but I never reach endgame stuff. I'm currently working on an Assassin character, I'm level 98. IGN: Arenitaz
  19. Does the gloves and boots have the same % as robe/ L.armor/ H.Armor?
  20. who are you?? my guild only can be kind player join
  21. Well you can always invite friends to join you!
  22. Changing clients takes time (to press keys to change the tab) as well as energy. And you have to do the same thing over other side too, so it's not much of an upgrade if you are not making more than 30 slots. And moreover, some systems (like mine) can only handle one client at a time... Thanks mate, cheers!
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