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  2. necesito saber cual clase me sirve para farmear en dino gracias
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  4. we have a lots of Guide for Magnus with Two-Handed Swords (but now they are Old Guides)... :') https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/4853-2hand-magnus-guide/ https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/17081-magnus-job-guide-~/ https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/16178-fighter-magnus-phalanx-or-knight-decide-here-and-now/
  5. -level 50 beli Light Armor Sets lvl50, Perisai lvl50, dan Pisau lvl50 di NPC yang di "Zakandia" -lawan Boss Basilisk lvl49 ada di "The Way to the Howling Ravine", boss Basilisknya warna hitam, dari dia drop Pisau langka lvl49 -ke "Howling Ravine" kill Wild Harpy lvl53, dari mereka drop Angel Feather, dapetin 3 aja untuk Craft "Angel Wings" -leveling di "Mont Blanc" dari 50 sampai 56, lawan Skeleton lvl51 dan Skeleton lvl56, dari mereka Drop "Brutal Killer Sets" -leveling ke "Howling Ravine" lawan Giants yang Merah lvl56 disitu, drop sisa dari "Brutal Killer Sets" -lvl60 kalo sudah lengkap "Brutal Killer" Sets-nya, pergi ke "Mont Blanc" lagi lawan Boss Skeleton lvl58, drop Perisai langka lvl60 -level 65 masuk ke "Howling Cave" cari Ogre Butcher lvl70, cari Sets-nya "Blood Stained" lvl70 ke "Howling Cave 2F" cari Troll Guard lvl74, cari sisa sets-nya "Blood Stained" dan Dagger-nya "Reaper" lvl75 balik dulu ke "Alker Harbor" untuk berubah Job lvl75, kalo kamu Human berubah jadi Assassin aja ke Tierre, kalo ternyata kamu ELF berubah jadi Treasure Hunter aja ke NPC Guild Manager, ambil-ambil skill-skill barunya... terus balik lagi ke "Howling Cave 2F", lawan Ogre Guard lvl76, dapet drop sisa Sets "Blood Stained"... kalo udah lengkap semua Sets "Blood Stained" beserta Dagger "Reaper" ini cukup kuat sampai nanti lvl80an... Brutal Killer Sets, Pisau Langka lvl49, Perisai Langka lvl60, dan Blood Stained Sets semua ini nanti simpan aja di Gudang nanti kalo kamu bikin Rogue Dagger lagi ya udah enak karena sudah Equipmentsnya...
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  7. knock knock 😹

  8. Moved to Indonesia section, you can only use other languages in global section, in other sections you must use English
  9. ada yang tau apa yang harus dilakukan scout(rogue) lvl 50-75? harus punya apa dan harus ngapain?newbie here......:(
  10. we don't have it... you can suggest it on suggestion section :)
  11. hi id like to know if its possible to reset my character's job also id like to propose to add a scroll in gem store, like reset stats or reset skillspointss, but reseting the the jobs. ty, the server is amazing
  12. hi sabrinaward I played a bit of pocket Luna but play aura kingdom. my user name is lucy1289 but my real name is Kate and I am 29, from new Zealand, favourite colour is yellow. also I like reading. I will be your friend.
  13. Orange

    Flora Festival 2019

    Thank you for your report, this was fixed.
  14. I already test these 2 skills from a couple weeks ago, and here is the result: "Yes indeed, we cannot use both of 2 Corpse Skills together at same time on same enemies..." because the first Corpse Skill will be overwrited with the second Corpse Skill... xD example: use the Corpse Taker to Mobs, and then use Corpse Explode to them too... the Corpse Explode will overwrite the effect of Corpse Taker, because of this you can't get the Heal of Corpse Taker and the working one is the Explode Effects... it's also same if we do the way around too. if we use Corpse Explode and then use Corpse Taker on the same mobs... we will get Heal from Corpse Taker, but the Explode will not working because the effect is already overwrited by Corpse Taker. I am not sure this is bug or not... but the point is... we can do tricks to use both of them. -First, find some weakling mobs like 2 or 3 of them that can easily get killed -mobs them and let them follows you, and then mobs much more monsters -use Corpse Taker to those another mobs and make sure is not affecting the 2 or 3 Explode mobs -kill all of them immediately... the 2 or 3 Explode Mobs will be Exploded after they are killed and the Explosion will be Spreads to enemies nearby damaging them, and you will still gets Heals from Corpse Taker
  15. Antoni77

    The Basic Rogue

    ah yeah the job class name is Temper Master, because we always saying it as "TM", somehow I was think the name is "Tempest Master"... silly me... xD nice guide bro... 'w' b
  16. Jonah

    Now Playing???

    897 Jonah (Yes, this is me.)
  17. Jonah

    The Basic Rogue

    Updated: Added pros/cons to sniper class. More to come as I play and test for myself.
  18. Ban

    Style Guide

    Style? Head: Bachelor PA/MA Eyes: Small Gale Wings (Animated) Body: BWL Gloves: VIP Gloves Boots: VIP Boots Cape: Legend Cape Weapon: Green Water Gun Look's good and a rich status entity
  19. Had to take a little break, things got out of hand in my personal life and had to be dealt with.  I won't divulge any information but it wasn't pretty.  Nonetheless I am hoping to stick around a little more this time, things going to plan and all.

    I'm hoping to get a working microphone some time soon so I can interact with you guys easier, I'm not a talkative person but I'll be sure to give my opinion when and where it is necessary.  Other than that, it's great to be back!

  20. laurenrasmus

    Style Guide

    Welcome to Lue's styling school! Here i'll share my favorite: looks tricks cheap tips (so everyone can look stylish) Disclaimer: Not everyone will agree on my sense of style, but if you're struggling coming up with a unique outfit this guide is for you! TRICKS : EVERYBODY GOTTA HAVE A FEW TRICKS UP THEIR SLEEVE, AND HERE'S MINE 1. If it's for style purposes only, don't be afraid to mix and match sets, you would be surprised how good some sets look with others. 2. Base your look on a theme or genre (Cute, Badass , Life like , Girly etc.) Having a theme will help you stay on track. 3. Just like themes, colors can help you put an outfit together in 2 seconds. Sticking to 1 solid color or even mixing 2 can make your life and style so much better. 4. INSPIRATION! Inspiration is not always just copying someone else's look, it's taking ideas and twisting them to fit your style, my inspiration for a long time was Anime characters. MY FAVORITE LOOKS AT THE MOMENT : In this look I've mixed 3 main colors : Black, White & Red with touches of gold (Example of color mixing) - Royal Mercenary Hair - Luxurious Swimsuit - Champion Street Fighter Glove - Lunar New Year Sneakers (Event) - White Kitty Ribbon Ears - Blueberry Lollipop - Spellmaster's Channel In this look I went with a Devilish theme (Example of Genre). - Demon's Horns - High Priest's Robes - Demon's Nails - Street Fighter Shoes - Demon Costume Wings Pink my all time favorite (Example of solid color theme). - Stylish Wonderland Hair - Plushy Bunny Pajamas - Hiji Style Accessories (Event) - Racing Instincts Shoes - Pink Scarf - Shy Rabbit Backpack CHEAP TIPS : Not everyone can afford these costumes, or at least such a big variety (trust me as a 10 year old girl just joining this game I feel you). So over the years I've found some life hacks to look fashionable on a budget. 1. Some armors look really good. - Moonlight Lotus Armor (lv 110) 2. Some events give Costumes. - Flora Outfit (Flora Festival Event) - Lunar New Year Outfit (Lunar New Year Event) - Hiji Style (Summer Solstice Event) - Moonlight Bandit (Hallows' Eve Event) - Santa's Helper Outfit (Winter Tide Event) 3. Save a few bucks, instead of buying a head costume, buy a Beauty Salon Ticket, and get a new unique hairstyle (over 60 different hairstyle you are guaranteed to find one you like). - 7/80 options !!! All Style And Colors! I hope this guide helped you, If you have a unique and stylish outfit i'd love to see it and take some inspiration (maybe others will too). Yours Truly, Lue
  21. Selling 1. Dagger 135 +12 [c]47str [p]22.8str [p]7.3eva 2. AK +13 [p]8.6dex [p]14.9eva 3. Larmor135 +7 [c]str50 [p]15.2eva 4. Lboot135 +7 [c]str48 [p]5.3str [p]15.6eva 5. Kynee +7 [p]14.8eva [p]1.3patk 6. Belt Firemane 7. Vglove +12 [r]17strike [p]14.5eva + Vneck +7 [p]14.4eva 8. Hator [p]15.9eva 9. 1set Gemini Gemini [p]20.4eva total 10. KOD crit60 11. Crit Slime 12. BWL 13. Bache 14. Panda Boot 15. Phixus Clean 16. Larmor 135 [c]49str [p]str24.1 17. hator eva 12.7 18. M.Abra and B.Alloy PM Me In Forum or PM DarkNInjaz (Me Rarely In Game)
  22. Ban

    Flora Festival 2019

    Great update. keep it up. Edit: In Game: Mechanical Blueprints. Wrong icon and description: Red Bp = Blue on descrip Blue Bp = Yellow on descrip
  23. Items: Changed the look of back accessories obtained from lucky boxes (Icarus Wings, Twinkling Star Balloon, Desperado of the Coast Little War Zeppelin) Changed the speed bonus of level 25 wings from 17% to 18%. Changed the speed bonus of level 50 wings from 35% to 25%. Added a new tier of craftable wings at level 100 with a speed bonus of 30%. Changed flower trinkets from character bound to tradeable.(Only for newly purchased trinkets, from this day, old trinkets will get updated later.) Changed flower trinket stats from 10 STR/DEX/INT/VIT to 18 STR/DEX/INT/VIT and from 5 WIS to 10 WIS. (Only for newly purchased trinkets, from this day, old trinkets will get updated later.) Added new crafting material for new wings: Magical Pegasus Feather. Drops from Pegasus in Fairy Valley. Maps: Changed the appearance of Fairy Valley for a new story line. Monsters: Changed the appearance of plantis and treants in Fairy Valley to suit the new color palette. Events: New static event now available yearly, Flora Festival, with unique items, drops and monsters.
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