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  1. Brandon

    Ticket Sent

    Hello, I understand your frustration with this issue, but I assure you; if you submitted a ticket; we received it. We don't "ignore" any tickets. We receive up to 30~ tickets every single day for account recovery alone, and every single ticket requires an administrator to manually verify information by digging through all our audit records and other data sources. We're a very small team (2 administrators, and 1 game master), and we handle game development / content creation, moderation (game, and forum), server/hardware maintenance, etc, while also processing the large amount of tickets we receive. The ticket system has a backlog to process due to the volume of requests, and we process them in order of that they were received. Your ticket will be processed as soon as possible. Thank you.
  2. If your points are missing; someone took them.
  3. Thank you, everyone. I appreciate the birthday wishes!
  4. The server is back online in the new datacenter. I apologize for the emergency maintenance, but due to severe technical issues with our old service provider we were forced to handle this today. There will be an upcoming maintenance to fully optimize our new server configuration to eliminate any remaining lag issues.
  5. This is not something easy to answer. Choosing a provider you plan on building a long term business relationship with takes time and research. I am not taking this decision lightly, I want our new provider to be the home of CL for many years to come and provide great latency worldwide while remaining very secure. This being said, we've been through many candidates over the past week or so, and have finally found one that seems to suit our needs. I apologize if this means you have to suffer through some lag during peak hours, but it's for the greater good of Celestia Luna Online and will be resolved fully once we move to the new provider.
  6. The issue is not entirely on our end. You have confirmed your ISP had major routing issues which could very well be causing some international routing issues. You would have the same issue no matter where the server was located if your ISP is having international routing issues. That being said, we will be moving to a new provider which should provide a very nice latency decrease to players in Asia.
  7. We'll be moving to a new provider in the coming days/week. This decision is taking a lot longer than we had anticipated due to having difficulties finding a provider that will suit all our network/security/location requirements. We did not want to leave our current provider as we have been with them since 2009, but their service has degraded greatly over the years and it's time to move on.
  8. Clearly you're not familiar with the internals of Luna Online. This game is very poorly written, based on a horrible 2D engine adapted to 3D that dates back to the 90's. While it may sound simple to fix, the issue is much bigger. This will be resolved as we fix the serious issues with the internals of the game. This is the primary reason we've not been pushing as much content and features as we would like. It's been an uphill battle fixing the massive internal flaws of the game. This is also one of the primary reasons all of the official servers shutdown.
  9. The server is back online. There will be a scheduled maintenance coming soon to fully resolve this issue and reduce some possible latency issues.
  10. I can understand why some people would be upset over PD, but it's helping us a lot with our huge monthly server bills. This being said, we do have plans to provide a more balanced experience. Once we complete the upcoming update we intend to launch a second server under CL. This second server will have lower rates and will not have any sort of private donation and provide an authentic Luna Online experience. This is still in the early stages of planning as we must finalize the big update in the works.
  11. Please keep in mind that we use a third-party company to handle payments. We have no control over handling your donation and you must use the "Help" button on the donation page to get help with your payment. It's very common that you will not get your points instantly as the payment team has to verify your payment manually. A lot of people try to make fraud donations using a stolen cellphone or credit card, because of this we have to be much more careful when accepting payments. The reward delay is there to protect you and CL.
  12. Brandon

    I can't donate?

    That sounds a lot like fraud. It does not surprise me that they are not allowing you to make payments. You appear to be a high risk user to them. Like I said, we use a 3rd party service to handle incoming donations. You must contact payment support by starting an inquiry as it's not in our control. We have had very minimal complaints, about 2-3 people are unable to donate while the rest are managing just fine. If you manage to resolve your issue I am sure the payment team will be willing to extend the promotion for you since you were unable to make a payment. Locked.
  13. Brandon

    I can't donate?

    This issue is out of our hands. Please stop pretending like it's our fault and that we can magically fix it. I understand you are upset but we're not the ones to blame. We are getting daily payments via PayPal and Click & Buy, I have no idea why you would not be able to purchase points, but I can assure you it's not something under CL's control. We have no desire to prevent people from donating, donations keep the server alive. If you are unable to make a payment via ANY of the payment methods (not just PayPal) then you must "start an inquiry" on the help page as Orange suggested. Our 3rd party payment team will resolve the issue for you. Please get a response from the payment team before spamming them with 8 pages of failed payment attempts. Every single transaction has a "start an inquiry", use it.
  14. Update; We have replaced a dead power supply in our game server and the server should be back online now. I'd like to let everyone know our new server will be equipped with dual power supplies to help prevent outages from such issues again. We'll be running an EXP event in the coming days. There will be a topic about the event once it has started.
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