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  1. Fifin's post in Sonic Boom was marked as the answer   
    since you're from Mars, ---kidding  ---
    every player may have a bit delay to the server (I think it's called latency) since server is located somewhere in this Earth, and it will takes time for the server to respond your command. This delay may vary depends on players location, internet speed, and server traffic
    you can try to open 2 client at the same time, and do a skill on 1 client, then you can see a brief delay before your other client shows that you are actually casting the skill..
  2. Fifin's post in Lag was marked as the answer   
    I also experiencing this recently, only in NH map, but it's only temporary, other people in NH also experiencing this, while some on other map didn't.
    I opened 2 client and having them on NH and NC, client on NH will getting 5-25 seconds delay, while client on NC will have no delay (so this is not a connection issue)
    my advice, if you could be patient and wait just a bit longer, maybe it will get normal..
    (I was about to level on NH yesterday, but I got this delay, I moved to Great Garden for about half hour and have my other character check NH, and it's already normal)
    I saw some lag issues posted these days.. but they don't mention the exact map they're in... perhaps it's NH and Nera Graveyard?
    After all, I think it's the map itself.. I also recalled there was exactly same issue like this in 2012 or 2013, which only affect NH and Graveyard map
  3. Fifin's post in recovery account was marked as the answer   
    If you applied for an account recovery ticket, it will take a quiet time for admins and other to process it, because you're not the only one who applied.
    Beside that, staffs are quiet working on the future patch at this moment I believe their attention were splitted between patch and account recovery, which will make the waiting time longer.
    and 1 more thing... if you created a post/message about account recovery, your account recovery application might be denied by staff,.. so please be patient on this
  4. Fifin's post in Item Gain Rate was marked as the answer   
    1. Try opening your passive skill window and check out for new (item gain rate) skill. You can tell how much is your item gaining rate bonus now. (I think it will be 10%, 5% from draupnir, and 5% from bane of desire)
    2. It is. You will get more item than usual. But I think item gain rate and item drop rate is different... this way you only get more number of dropped loots I guess..
    3. As far as I can remember, those are the only thing that increase item gain rate.
  5. Fifin's post in Spell Barrier affects which magic skills? was marked as the answer   
    I don't think spell barrier would affect %age of dot, heals, debuffs, and buff skills. It only affects normal matk skills.
    you will notice, sometimes when you are doing magic skills, you will only do half of original no-crit damage. That is a resisted spell. Spell barrier reduce the chance of this to occur
  6. Fifin's post in Strength and Dexterity was marked as the answer   
    str increase your RAW damage, Physical Attack status, Strike.
    dex increase your Crit Chance, Crit Rate, Evasion, Strike
    how much your crit damage is also affected by your raw damage too.
    in short, less raw damage = less crit damage
    but you can raise your crit damage further by increasing dex and putting crit damage items
    maybe you can get a same output of damage (while it crits)
    but when it doesn't crits, you will see a pretty huge different there.
    One more thing. Raw Patk damage is related to pdef (especially to the target's pdef with shield)
    the more patk you have, the more damage you can dealt to those shielder.
    So.. what jajiboge's saying about balancing str and dex is a great idea for phys. character
  7. Fifin's post in Character Reporting? was marked as the answer   
    it was on the FAQ thread.


    you can see your post count under your profile picture

    <-------------------------- check "xx posts" located around here

  8. Fifin's post in magnus 2h axe or dual wield axe? was marked as the answer   
    magnus only have lvl 5 dual wield expertise, which means.. he still have penalties..
    as the table stated, you will still have -310 crit -26.42 patk and -30 evasion
    so yes. 2h is better than dual wielding because you will get a higher crit rate (in dual wielding you will have higher patk but slightly lower crit rate, which means you won't do much crit, and it makes your damage per minute less than 2h-ing)
  9. Fifin's post in Question was marked as the answer   
    No. It only works on shield
  10. Fifin's post in How To Destroy Paladin Block?and are block and eva are same? was marked as the answer   
    All you can do about paladin block is counter it with high magical damage or DoT skills like Cardinal's HT or Necro's poison
    strike only counter enemies evasion, not block..
  11. Fifin's post in Help me Orange please was marked as the answer   
    there may be a lot of people asking assistance for a lost password and ID, and of course they put them in a line --yours included--
    so it might take a month or more to make sure admins are not giving away ID and password to a someone else but the owner of the forgotten ID.
  12. Fifin's post in How To Unban Char? was marked as the answer   
    I see your ID was banned because of advertising (I don't know either another server or anything but..)
    According to the rules written,

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