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  1. What is the best grand master path now that job passives work?
  2. Few questions I need help with for my Human SM warrior>swordsmen>glad>SM 1. Is pure dex still the best stat 2. What is the best gear I can get at 105 and what stats should I put into it 3. What sets should I have? Such as evasion, vit, strike, ect
  3. I suggest doing this and putting the same gear on your human and elf and see what stats you like the best
  4. More damage than elf while still being able to get more than enough evasion and crit
  5. Hello, I am MrMonsterMan, I have played CL since early 2011 and g potato luna for many years before that. Blade Taker has always been my favorite class and I noticed there are currently no other BT guides. What a coincidence, huh? Bade Taker is one of the deadliest classes in luna in GW and PVP. You can choose if you want high evasion, high critical, high p. attack, or high p. defense. You can achieve these or become over powered in just one or two of these. Many people say TM is better but I disagree. While TM can be good it must be buffed to be as strong as BT, and you will not have enough time to buff in GW. BT also has less penalty when dual wielding. What path should you take for this DEADLY CLASS? This is a human only path. Rouge>Ruffian>Archer>TH>BT Why this path? Ruffian gives you the skills you need to get to level 75 Archer gives you good buffs and passives, also why take thief when you will get everything it has to offer at BT? TH gives you dagger blast, shield boomerang, and useful buffs and passives. What stats? Full STR Why not DEX? With rouge, you should have an easy time getting high evasion and crit. As BT your goal should be to 1hit everything and STR helps with that the most. Dex is good if you can’t afford gear to get the eva and crit, but if you don’t have the money BT may not be for you as it is an expensive class. Entrapper may be a better option. Costumes: Hat: p. pa batch hat Body: BWL Gloves: Panda gloves for war and PVP, any +500 hp gloves for PVE Boots: Panda boots Gear: Head: Crit Slime Glasses: Any +5 str/vit Cape: KOD until you have enough crit and eva, then use phixus or kingdom knights(from the gem store, character bound) if you can afford it G. set will due, but if you can get better 115 gears do that Necklace: Chiv but if you can’t afford that use Hercules Rings: Hathors Earrings: gemini Dagger: Advanced Knife Belt: Fierce Dragon Slayer Helm: Kynee For your philo/reinforce get mostly STR with enough evasion to get 300+ at 105 (goes up depending on level) Your main goal should be STR to 1 hit people though. For war I would get Strike instead of evasion. This way you can still hit rouges. GW/PVP: With this build you should be able to easily 1 hit everyone (except paladins and 1H magnus, maybe some mages that are pure VIT). Why is it so deadly in war? Stealth is very useful if you use it at max level to counter mages. Most mages don’t max beholder so you will be able to get by some. If the mage doesn’t have higher level beholder you will easily be able to kill them with shield boomerang and bleed/dagger blow. Fighters won’t even be able to hit you if you have on evasion gear. Just use DoT on rouges that have too high of evasion for you. Many people call Blade Taker the Masters of War. While all classes have their strengths, I believe the only rival a good BT will have is a good SA or Cardinal. Dual Wield? Dual Wield can provide much higher p. attack so why not get it? 1H+shield will give you more defense so it makes you harder to 1 hit. Until you can max all Dual Wield skills I recommend staying 1h+shield since it is better until you can mostly get rid of dual wield penalties. Blade Taker is a DEADLY class if used right. Follow this guide and you will be dominating PVP and GW with ease. More updates will come soon including what skills to take. Until 105 you can use your best judgment as it doesn’t really matter.
  6. I would like to dual wield but don't have too I already have destroyer and paladin not sure if I want SM or Magnus dual wield out of all of these what is best for gw p.s. is panzer any good in general not just pvp/gw
  7. What class is better if I want to dual wield without expensive gear. Which is best for a poor noob
  8. I really don't want to wait that long, I can just remake later when it does come.
  9. ok so basically you have a crusader that isnt int and the thundering death(magic attack) skill is crap? i wonder why...also what does panzer have to do with anything?
  10. ok so if i go inf>knight i will be good? but why knight? also how bugged is crusader
  11. Ok, rofl this is so much fun, i was bored so i decided to make a troll person that is an magic fighter, and I am actually likeing it a lot. I was going to go pure path for troll but would like to know what I should go? I am infantry now
  12. http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/63-fightersm-guide/ also this is quite an expencive class and you may want to consider something cheaper first
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