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  1. I mean, this topic has been open for a year, and I remember hearing about an update before 2013. This update must be gigantic to take this long..
  2. How do we recover an account? The account I currently used is saying "ID or password incorrect" which it isn't. I know for sure my information is correct, and i do not give my info out to others or fall for stupid weebly scams. I had several 105++ levels and put a lot of time and money into the account. So, if a GM or someone could help with this, I'd appreciate it very much.
  3. AxeOfZues


    How do you private donate?
  4. AxeOfZues


    Is there anyway to Donate in the US? I've tried to donate MANY times with my Cell Phone and PaySafe(Which I have no access to..) More donations would come through if there were as many options as before :P
  5. A cultural barrier may be the cause of our widely different opinions. It's not going to be a popular thing anyway. Just those that CAN donate that may help. Too bad they don't have as many options as they did in 2011 and 2012.
  6. We all complain about the update, myself included, but most of the time we don't realize how hard the GM's and Administrators work to keep the server up and running! Not to mention the cost of maintaining a server! I think we should all take a day or two of the year and donate to the server, not only to the server, but to those who make CL what it is! In a previous post, June 10th was selected as a donate-date, which I couldn't participate in(Ironically..) due to not having access to Cell Phone donation for my provider. I'd like to have another day to donate, and show our appreciation for the server! April 14th and June 10th! Spread the word :D Thanks!
  7. Dying for this Update yo. D:

    1. zack03


      frind,bisa bantu gw gk?

      char gw kan di vacum cara buka nya gmna?

      mohon bantuannya...

  8. In order to get 100% Crite rate, you must have 1500 crit! 1 more :D
  9. I was with my friend, who no longer plays, and their Bow type build was insane. 40K Crit at level 115 in grave, and i was wondering what path that may be? I'm not positive this is where to post this question, but i guess the questions section was appropriate xD Thanks!
  10. Several years ago, I befriended a staff member whose ingame name was "SnapDragon" and I helped hime with testing and whatnot. I was hoping possibly he(or she)may see this and remember me!
  11. Well, thanks to some friends at school who know YouTube inside and out, they figured out a way! The new channel with be called "Unofficial CL" if that's approvable?
  12. I'm very sorry! I will have to remove the channel unless someone else would like to take it over? YouTube hasn't added a Name change feature I don't believe :huh: Anyways, so sorry for the trouble! I will creat another server with an approved name first! Once again, very sorry! The channel will be terminated after school today!
  13. So, I've already made a YouTube channel named "Celestia Luna" to try and get the game more publicity and a higher player base to maybe bring in more donations and a better push to make this game better! The channels link will be in my profile and I would love for anyone to check it out and tell me what you think and leave aby suggestions to help better the channel here! The first video I uploaded(On this day) is a little shotty, but I basically just wanted to get something on there so I can give people something to look at while they're visiting! Please, feel free to send me any footage of your gaming and chars to [email protected]! No voice over or background noise please NOTE:All footage will be uploaded as is. I will not be blocking any names out or blurring any lines. Please send videos with caution :P I realize the first video's audio was terrible, but I'm actually getting a new microphone and headset tomorrow so maybe then we will have a good channel! Please give this a little time and head on over to check it out and boost the pulicity of our beloved Celestia Luna :) http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8XuSGm_uLKYbLOdO743OHQ thanks everyone! Have a wonderful night! Happy gaming!
  14. In order for it to be profitable, you should wait untill level 100, I realize this comment is rather old so it's possible you're up there, and if so I hope you're still active and having fun! Good luck pal! And if not a higher level, I suggest the 3rd or 4th method. Good luck :D
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