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  1. yup yup yup delete the patch ad repatch :P if that doesnt work do a full redownload and install
  2. or u could have bin banned dun dun dun......
  3. my newest picture my friend in bottom right corner and me laying down xD
  4. QueenOfHeavens

    help my ID

    u were banned <shoutbot> User adyluphnanda banned for reason 'Impersonal'
  5. my 6 Characters (all Females) With Costumes :D 3 without costumes the other 2 u saw in previous pics :)
  6. 12 AM Server Time and 3 AM Server Time
  7. nothing is wrong with item shop its just your net not the site
  8. QueenOfHeavens

    To GM

    well like i said im old player i started fresh i would love my PP back but oh well ill just start over
  9. sry but no the ID cannot be closed is your responsibility
  10. QueenOfHeavens

    To GM

    no there isn't im an old player but i started fresh again xD your gonna have to start fresh again like me
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