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  1. heyyyyyyyyyyyyy Think you pmed me earlier Thanksssssssssssss
  2. Well it wasn't really happy year end on my part of the world. Tragic news hit the country and neighboring country =/ anyway Welcome 2015 :D
  3. it means burning rage isn't hot enough to burn your blood and increase patk.
  4. My 3 wishes 1. Everyone stop being retard and be more opened to other people opinions. 2. No cigarettes. 3. Free internet.
  5. The box is there. Its just not available for player after level 20.
  6. its your highest matchup for Date dungeon. Any character with 80-100 points and in the same map as you will make a love icon appear above your head and his/her.
  7. go to celestia luna folder, look for lunaclient.exe and right click it. Go to properties, then on the compability tick the box and choose to run in Windows XP. then click Apply / Ok.
  8. Yes it has been more than 5 hours. I'm looking for a way to un-suspend it but there seems to be none. You just have to wait.
  9. well we had history with fraud and stuff which is why we have a different team that handle the donation on website. Nevertheless I think Brandon will provide an alternative option.
  10. reinstall luna and allow luna client in your anti virus allow list.
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