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    AR Question

    I'd like to ask what is the difference between elf ar and human ar. Personally I would prefer to play elf but do not want to missplay lol. Information abou path I should go would be appreciated. Also wondering about stats/skills. Is he 1v1 or aoe user and what stat build should I go.
  2. Hello I want to start play again after 4 years break. (was surprised when saw site layout changed ) 1. I am thinking now about farming class (pls no entr. idk why but not enjoy 1dag+shield). From what I read, farming is like going Nera and drop eq then selling it. Which class/classes could do it pretty easily? Most interested in fighter classes but of course open for suggestions. I think I have something like 0,5 - 1b (it's probably nothing these days but still better this than 0 ) 2. Is voting got removed? or I am just blind ? 3. Are people willing to sell donate points/item shop stuff in game? 4. What about cheats/hacks/scammers? When I was playing, there was a lot rumours about cheats and could meet plenty of scammers. probably because of these I quit 5. Is solo leveling/PVE possible? I saw somewhere you can use 2 clients but imo it;s uncomfortable and I would like use only 1. 6. Any thoughts about these classes?: RK>Paladin, SM(elf), Magnus, TM? (Those most fun to play imo, that why asking )
  3. Okay thanks. Can close this subject xD
  4. hmmm not new.. Im not playing a lot time. And never playing rogue.. xD
  5. Okay. If you know, what price is TTD+12 ? :P Or +7 is enough ? And what set use before Gardener? craft ?
  6. I choose assasin.. I don't like rebuff every 5 mins xD
  7. what path and race best?? D:
  8. Hmm... okay... I see, 3/4 is entrapper :P. So I think it will be best choice. I'll look some guides, but if you can, write her ebest guide for farming :D. And race ofcourse. :P How to make high eva easy? Someone says it's very expensive to make a lot of eva :(.
  9. my entrap is from assasin.. But I don't want back to him :(. I was bored now to again making entrapper. About magnus.. Hmm.. I have Kimball +12 and athena +12 and Berserker set. So idk what will be better. I like 2h but I have low def D:. Can you tell me stats ? More suggest? :) @edit: ohh.. if Magnus have low pattack so what about Destro? or 1hand Swordmaster XD? someone tells me Paladin have good patk. But, idk D:.
  10. Good evening all! I need help to choose my next class for farming. My entrapper got failed :( 1.Arch Ranger is good for Easy Farming ? :) But don't know who will be better. Human or Elf :) Solo ofcourse. :) Races and pathes allowed ;x 2.Hmm... What about solo paladin? I like 1h+shield too :) But I want only solo. Races and pathes allowed ;x 3.Daggers for me is "eventually" others will be worse or more expensive. :) 4.2h users? For me best choice will be destroyer. Because elf's have Auras. I know, I know... Auras is awesome! But it's short time buffs :( That why don't like it at 2h. At 1h paladin I will try.. 5. Mages!!! I have 1 mage.. Necromancer. I want make him, but not now :( I want physical. Please don't recommend mages for me :P Thanks before :)
  11. Hay! Some questions :P 1. better def at 105lvl - DualSM, Dual Magnus, 2H magnus 2. better def at 120+++ - Dual SM, Dual Magnus, 2H Magnus 3. Better farming - Dual SM, Dual magnus, 2H Magnus 4. Better pvp - Dual SM, Dual Magnus, 2H Magnus Thanks!
  12. its expensive too :((
  13. gardener too 8b? >.<..... xD
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