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  1. close .. thaank u all for msg in game ~~~~~
  2. so many changes after 8yrs LMAO .. from 2b BWL now i can see someone buying for 20b or so.. hehe . cause of the quarantine i can play again ... woooh see u all in game!!

  3. how much its the drop rate for the magical pegasus feather atm?
  4. hi guys I am a return player and I'm just looking for trade for rouge items / eva set / or comment down below .. thank you Healthy Worm - Magic Cast Speed 5% Farouks Crystal Ball - 15.9 INT Cold Red Sunglasses - Int +5 Wis +5 Cloak of Hellenopolis - Magic Attack 4.1% Bachelor Hat of Glory - Magic Attack 5% Black Widow Wizard Robe -Magic Attack +10% Heart Stone of Evil - 15.6 INT 4.2 Magic Attack Phantasmal Ring - Magic Attack 13.7 +7 Gemini Earring - 17.4 Int +7 Gemini Earring - 18.8 Int +12 Kynee - 19 Int +12 Medusa Wand - 11 Int Empowered Dragon Slayer - Magic attack 11.0 +12 Gardener Set - 21.5 , 19.9 , 17.4 INT
  5. Arjskie

    about necro path

    thx for ur info bro.. ima try ur path.. btw nc siggy .^^
  6. guys can u help me? ima make a necro and im just wndering if this path is good mage-cleric-monk-bishop-necro thx guys. sory new in making a necro thx in advnce
  7. sir is this stl good if il take this path as a Necro Cleric-Monk-Bishop-Nec thx. ^^_
  8. cant w8 to see d fight of Fifin and btw gratz =)
  9. is it good n GW or in PvP? whch one is beter Warlock--->SA or Bishop---->SA im a lil confuse about this.. thx n advance guys.. sory new fo d mage clas ^^_
  10. ima bet for fifin lmao.. hope i can watch.. cant w8 for this . lol lol lol
  11. hehehe tq sir Kai and Last question sir.. das Ds Log also increse ur Magic Crit? tq =) and if i go w/ mage > wizard > monk > warlock > soul arbiter is it stil good? =( sory im just new n d mage path .. tq
  12. @ d soul albi job if i put vit in my stats? can i be a tanker and d same time good MA also?? thx nc guide btw
  13. haha .. cant w8 to watch d other vids... love dis bro .... keep it up...
  14. hi sir.. love ur guide... hehehehehe thx for dat

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