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  1. close .. thaank u all for msg in game ~~~~~
  2. so many changes after 8yrs LMAO .. from 2b BWL now i can see someone buying for 20b or so.. hehe . cause of the quarantine i can play again ... woooh see u all in game!!

  3. how much its the drop rate for the magical pegasus feather atm?
  4. hi guys I am a return player and I'm just looking for trade for rouge items / eva set / or comment down below .. thank you Healthy Worm - Magic Cast Speed 5% Farouks Crystal Ball - 15.9 INT Cold Red Sunglasses - Int +5 Wis +5 Cloak of Hellenopolis - Magic Attack 4.1% Bachelor Hat of Glory - Magic Attack 5% Black Widow Wizard Robe -Magic Attack +10% Heart Stone of Evil - 15.6 INT 4.2 Magic Attack Phantasmal Ring - Magic Attack 13.7 +7 Gemini Earring - 17.4 Int +7 Gemini Earring - 18.8 Int +12 Kynee - 19 Int +12 Medusa Wand - 11 Int Empowered Dragon Slayer - Magic attack 11.0 +12 Gardener Set - 21.5 , 19.9 , 17.4 INT
  5. Arjskie

    about necro path

    thx for ur info bro.. ima try ur path.. btw nc siggy .^^
  6. guys can u help me? ima make a necro and im just wndering if this path is good mage-cleric-monk-bishop-necro thx guys. sory new in making a necro thx in advnce
  7. sir is this stl good if il take this path as a Necro Cleric-Monk-Bishop-Nec thx. ^^_
  8. cant w8 to see d fight of Fifin and btw gratz =)
  9. is it good n GW or in PvP? whch one is beter Warlock--->SA or Bishop---->SA im a lil confuse about this.. thx n advance guys.. sory new fo d mage clas ^^_
  10. ima bet for fifin lmao.. hope i can watch.. cant w8 for this . lol lol lol
  11. hehehe tq sir Kai and Last question sir.. das Ds Log also increse ur Magic Crit? tq =) and if i go w/ mage > wizard > monk > warlock > soul arbiter is it stil good? =( sory im just new n d mage path .. tq
  12. @ d soul albi job if i put vit in my stats? can i be a tanker and d same time good MA also?? thx nc guide btw
  13. haha .. cant w8 to watch d other vids... love dis bro .... keep it up...
  14. hi sir.. love ur guide... hehehehehe thx for dat

  15. wah . ur tym in geting ban wil get long if ur gona say that
  16. wow so many items. hhaha not just items.. ur acount 2. hahaha
  17. Arjskie

    Can't log in.

    did u alrdy chek dis? http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php/topic/460-having-problem-when-loggin-in/ u can try re instaling ur client :P
  18. Arjskie

    Can't log in.

    Sory Pls forgive me sir
  19. Arjskie

    Can't log in.

    where's d ignorance in that? im just trying to tel people to help you.. omg .. ok ok.. ima change it.... Guys pls help this not so poor Kid cause he cant Login n d game... pls and btw its not my fault if u ddnt undrstand what i just say...
  20. Arjskie

    what is?

    welcome bro =)
  21. Arjskie

    Can't log in.

    because ur not OL when d GM tel us that thir wil b a maintance . pls help this poor kid
  22. Arjskie

    what is?

    heavy armor exprtise :P :P
  23. Arjskie

    Can't log in.

    lol its maintnance xD but dont know if it is up by now
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