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  1. Update will never arrive. FeelsBadMan

  2. :unsure: Maybe you're right. Maybe I can just go on pk mode and try to kill them with my adorably cute damage......
  3. Haha you got me there real good! :happy_con: Thank god I'm not the only one haha I pulled a poker face the instant that happened. Oh wells, I guess we'll just have to let those nasty little kittens live.. for now..
  4. So, I was running down nera harbor and lured some mobs, this son of a kitten just came up to my face, attract circle and ran away like a little kitten like he really gives two kittens. So Imma talk to this kitten straight. Ran up to his mobs, drop my beats(aoes) and got away like it never happened. WHAT CHU GONNA DO? REPORT ME?! tl;dr : Attract circle is a gay spell that ruins mages/rogues 's life. #lifewithoutattractcircle Okay, I feel better now. Kthxbai.
  5. Rune impact is a physical damaging skill as it scales with your physical attacking power. Panda gloves for obvious reasons.
  6. 50 bids on Khyu 10 bids on KisSenTeLL 10 bids on iStubborn Character: Dovahkitty
  7. Ah I see thanks a lot buddy! :smile_con:
  8. Didn't want to necro but I want to know for human AR, why not ruffian thief instead of ruffian archer?
  9. Not sure if it's already said by anyone here but, The most annoying moment for me was when I wanted to buy something which I don't know how to value and was asked to offer by the seller, I gave a pretty low offer and the seller starts his " wkwkwkwkwkk " or some sort of egyptian ritual or whatever profanity, followed by a bunch of insults. I froze and be like " what >:^l then why would you ask me to offer in the first place sheeesh so BM" Tl:dr Seller can be an a** sometimes when your offer is bad.
  10. Please use the search button next time
  11. Unless it's hathor or gemini where there's a 2/2 effect where both equipment are involved, it's just going to take the effect of only one equipment.
  12. -DovahKitten-

    My Nishka

    Well..... That escalated quickly.. 10/10 would read it again. Felt so sorry for your dog. It must have been ruff for her...
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