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  1. just choose 1 sir, u can't register ur artwork more than 1...
  2. Character Name: 1.UntilGoDShowLdr 2.LightOfAngel Level: 1.110 2.110 Class: 1.Magnus 2. Entrapper
  3. i got 17K M.atk in lvl 105, u can get this high M.atk with what equipment u wear...
  4. Destroy rebuild Until God Shows - If You Think This Song Is About You
  5. -PvP : Weak ( if ur Deff is Good, u can tank for pvp) -GvG : Support ( Healing, HB'ing, Give Auras) -PvE : Best ( Dealing High Damage for it) in nonBuff contidition, i got 11K M.atk im still philoing H.boots, looking for the Best Philo... U can learn for stun locking, couse u still have remaining SP 400+...(i think i dont need it for me now :D )
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