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  1. Job bonuses does not apply here in CelestiaLuna so they both have the same base damage but choosing swordsman instead of merc willl give you a chance to get the sleep skill which is very useful in PVP.
  2. BTs will get a better evasion once his expertise got maxed
  3. It seems you do like to compare Luna to other MMORPGs. I suggest you do not. Newbies will be confused if you tend to compare this game from your previous games. Though games these days do not really differ much from one another but the point is they still do. Dex / Agi in Luna will never affect your cast speed nor your normal attack speed.
  4. Well I don't really specified which is which though on second thought I should've pm'ed you instead. It's really great on your part making this event and the vids are cool. keep it up :)
  5. uhm... pardon me sir khuzo but do you realize you've just shown everyone how to use the bug stealth in your videos?
  6. Don't grind at red mobs or those that are 5 levels above you. They tend to give lower exp than those around your level and not to mention they deal a lot of damage and rarely would make you dodge them. Like what the guy said above me, you can still grind at ghost tree swamp till around 98 then proceed to nera harbor.
  7. It must be really hard for the GMs. Blaming everything on them when they were just doing their job. We have our rights but it has limits. Even democratic countries enforce laws and give severe punishments to absurd offenders. It's just as simple as that and if only you could play by the rules then none of this would happen. You said your friend used your account to sell his account? :blink: LOL pardon me but that is such a lame reason
  8. Not again with the false information. Dex will also increase your crit damage. Crit damage without Zephyr = 32k - 34k Crit damage with Zephyr (80 dex) = 35k - 38k If you're still in doubt then you can use your own char for a test. The crit damage would compensate for your lost PA. Reset stats are all around the market and it wouldn't hurt just to try a dex type. I myself am a Str AR before but then I changed into Dex and was satisfied with the results.
  9. TMs got great whispering buffs and by using eva items, those penalties would never be a problem. You might wanna check the TM thread for your queries cause it seems the TS's topic is all about BT. TM thread -> http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php/topic/8497-faithlesss-temper-master-guide/
  10. JoeQ

    reset skill?

    No free reset from any quest sir but you can also get those through itemshop by vote pts. It will take you 5 days continous voting to be able to purchase a reskill/restat.
  11. ^ It's written on the first part of the guide
  12. Same reason as to why you dual wield BT
  13. There isn't really much of skill you can use as a bow entra to be use as a combo. Because of the lower level bow skills they have, they tend to just rely to hunter blast to kill their enemies and it is more than enough since it really has great damage that will deal 1 hit damage vs non vit type chars. If they were from the RW class then just use the usual pattern, foil then blast.
  14. JoeQ

    help me please.. GM

    LOL just a while ago you were running around the character report section and asking someone to get banned and here you are asking the GMs why you yourself got banned. This is just a guess but did you make accounts here in the forums just to reply to your topics? raimurangsak, pepelepew0.. are these yours also cause they do like to confirm your posts and it seems that the images they posted were all uploaded from the same imageshack account which is kamuyshing. I must be delusional but I cant help my self about it :D
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