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  1. omnomnomnomnomnomnom :3

  2. Qurll, Im back.

    1. Syture


      On the forums, DUH.

  3. Retired spam whore wiggling back in.
  4. Buying characters is illegal, and if you see somebody shouting it, take a screen shot and report it in the reporting section. Buying characters will give you a permanent ban.
  5. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Some rules! • Respect me, I am a human being. I deserve the same amount of respect anybody else has, I will not tolerate being disrespected like a piece of dirt. • Do not rush me, Chandy has a life. I will not always be swerving around this thread to see my requests, the longest amount of time I will take is a weeks worth of time. The only time I will allow you to remind me is if I skip your request, and within three days, I do not give you your graphic. But please be KIND when reminding me I have forgotten your request, remember to respect me. • Reputation, I am not reputation greedy, but I would appreciate some + reputation if you are satisfied with the outcome. Even if you aren't, I would still appreciate it, because I tried to the best of my ability. It is not like I am perfect, I am greatly sorry if you do not like the things I make for you. • Requesting, please follow the requesting order, because if you do not, I will have to tell you to fix it before I can make your signature. If you refuse to follow the requesting order template, your request will be merely ignored, as I have already informed you to use the template I will have posted below. Examples! All of my works can be found http://imgur.com/a/NjEkG#0 Request Template! What do you want?: Signature, Avatar, Banner? Size: max height is 500x300, it's the rules of the site. Picture: I am going to apologize for this, but I request anime renders (or real life renders, I don't care) until I can get better with rendering. If the image isn't a render, the image will be cropped, 'fancied up', and added text. Text one: Any text? This is optional Text two: Any text? This is optional
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