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  1. BT : ruf - arc - th - bt (eva or strike = dual)

  2. elf entraper : rune walker - entraper

  3. cardi int.type (high int = high crit) : cleric - monk - warlock - cardi

  4. my path cardi : cleric - sorcerer - inquirer (light armor expertise)- cardi(def. type)

  5. my path necro : wizard (chill breeze) - monk (armor link) - bishop (buff) - necro

  6. ban ban ban huhu unbanned me ! DREAM ON XP hy akcent how are u?
  7. may i will be change now

  8. just try it... but i am not recomendation that. u will know after try that
  9. u ever use illution atk? try read this topic begain 1st page
  10. u got fatal touch is nice... but predator skill not bad to with out decreses p.def if play evasion entrap from human, assasin not to bad too u have many choice path if from human but depend your stats in equipment if from elf difrent... u must choice from RW about path before RW u can choice free i think becouse just affect the number of skills that you can and speed towards the lvl 75 human -> high damage (depending what is critical or not) basic skills elf -> high critical rate (stable damage) basic skills
  11. Entrapper eva type. That is not bad. but low damage but didn't got pinalty critical rate. u can't/so hard kill someone have p.def 10k (mage p.def especially and tank from fighter). this tipe very nice for hunt alone but can't fast kill and low HP his weakness attacked use poison, magic and high strike (usually in duel) the excess is evasion, shield block rate and critical rate (usually for lvling) This theory is only my opinion it all depends on how you play, the selection of skills, race Entrapper. and items however everyone has varying types do not dwell with the opinions of others, and create a character that matches your
  12. Pripare PVP team

  13. Pripare PVP team

  14. TM = very special for party BT = the best for lvling alone entrapper = 50% party and 50% alone just my opinion from skills perspective
  15. menunggu event natal ..... tapi masih lama. moga" ada

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