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  1. I think if the event is held every 1 month, although only 1 time, it would really make the players happy, although a very simple event though it would add to the spirit of the players :) .... I think CL 1 or 2 years ago has always held an event, it's very fun and uplifting to play :D ... sorry if my english bad
  2. Thank you very much for your attention and care you all, but there is still time to fix? not later than the 7th of March? and I also have exams at school ... I am very sorry, if I am wrong, because I have never followed the previous forum, so please guidance ...
  3. I am so sorry, actually I want to combine in one post, but when I post always fails when it is in one post, what do I do now? sorry i just newbie
  4. because,i will upload in 1 post,the post can't to post "Posting Failure"... sorry i can't speak english,i just can little....
  5. IGN : LigerZeroKaiser ART WORK :13 Sorry,because i can't upload the photo 1 time,i can upload 1 by 1....
  6. IGN : LigerZeroKaiser ART WORK :12
  7. IGN : LigerZeroKaiser ART WORK :11
  8. IGN : LigerZeroKaiser ART WORK :10
  9. IGN : LigerZeroKaiser ART WORK :9
  10. IGN : LigerZeroKaiser ART WORK :8
  11. IGN : LigerZeroKaiser ART WORK :7
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