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  1. NSIS Error. Any mirror sites to download the game?
  2. Is there anyway to contact a GM? This is getting ridiculous. I went to irc chat and there's no GM there. There's no GM online here. How am I suppose to get help when a problem occurs?
  3. I've personally never had a problem when it comes to donating. I always get my pp instantly. I normally use the mobile payment option but today I chose "clickandbuy" and now it says my payment is on hold and is being reviewed by some "anti fraud" team. Has anyone else used ClickandBuy and had this problem? If so how long did it take? Cause I kind of need the item..like now lol. I wish they would bring the old pay options back.
  4. Just wondering why this is. I've never played any game where you can get banned by claiming a spot. So how do we tell other players to go away without spot claiming? Earlier today me and some friends were grinding at NH, then 2 other players came to where we were and started mobing right over us. Then if we'd AOE'd that would be considered ks, but at the same time I can't say "Hey this is our spot go away"? So we changed channels and it happened again! Not the same players though, other players. What are people to do in this sorta situation if spot claiming is breaking the rules?
  5. I am missing 2 AKS+12 off of my TM. No one has my password nor have I traded them to anyone. They were sitting on my TM which just sits in Ruins all day because she has a lot of pk points. If any one can help I'd REALLY appreciate it. Thanks in advance..
  6. So I was just browsing through the forums and I saw the report character part and I noticed people were getting banned for saying spot. Does that word mean something more then its actual meaning on this server? Or can you really get banned just for saying spot.
  7. Dude shut up. The way he said it was in a "matter of fact tone" as in "Duh dummy its maintenance, good lord someone teach this child" You would know all of this if your mother language was English which it obviously isn't! And it wasn't maintenance it was something wrong with the client =.= So will you shut up already? You came here, posted here, and gave no information to the topic of this thread.
  8. "Pls help this poor kid" Is an insult -_- and the way it was said supports that.
  9. Yap I looked there. Its not my virus protection. I re installed 3 times I don't know what it is. I click the server then everything just dissappears, no message or anything. Oh well I'll just go to gf luna since their client is working better.
  10. What? I didn't understand anything you said. "Pls help this poor kid" Dude if your going to be a freakin snob about go the hell away. I didn't ask you personally to bring you're ignorance here. Other people can log in. I looked around the stie and there are actual thread form the past and they did announce maintenance. So what smart crap do you have to say now? And learn how to spell while you're at it.
  11. OOHH Duh, I feel extremely stupid now -.- I didn't see maint anywhere and I asked some one else could they log in and they said yeah. Could some one help me please? I'm about to just give up honestly -_-
  12. So I make it to where you select the server I click Vantage. Then the box goes away and the log in box never comes up. Did I forgot to do something?
  13. Does guild battle work here? Cause on normal luna it doesn't. And are there any english speaking players here?
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