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  1. Hello everyone. This is the guild of Nighttime. We are all about having a fun time and enjoying the company of our teammates, or guildmates...but personally, I like to call my members family. The guild's language is English but we accept members from all over the globe. USA, The Phillippines, Indonesia, South America, Mexico, etc. No matter where you are from, you are welcomed with open arms here. There is no level requirement for this guild. Once our guild has gained a respectable amount of players, we will begin hosting weekly events. The prizes will vary from event to event. Disclaimer: We are a peace guild and will not be going to war with any other guild. If you are looking for a guild to join for war, this is not the place for you. Guild Rules: 1. Be kind and considerate to each other. There is no stat in this game or in any game that makes you better than the next person. We are all human because of that fact, we must learn to work together as a society and group. If you have a problem with one of the other members, please make sure that you address it with me or one of our Vice Presidents. 2. Do not panhandle (beg) for items. We will all work together to help each other obtain things such as costumes, levels, gold, etc. However, we here at TNT firmly believe that the one who asks for nothing, is the one who deserves it all. I am a heavy donator and will do my part to help all of my members. The vice presidents will do their part as well to ensure that all of our members' needs are met. However, you will not take advantage of this. If we suspect someone is only in our guild to profit and receive freebies, you will be removed. 3. Do not take part in anything that will give our guild a bad reputation. If you have friends in another guild that happen to be at war, and you wish to help them through supportive means such as buffing, healing, etc. that is fine. However, do not badmouth their enemies. Remain a neutral party. Do not scam others, do not speak negatively to others, do not kill steal, etc. These are all things that could result in Nighttime receiving a bad reputation, and we are a friendly guild so please be mindful of that. 4. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Asking for help and begging are two completely different things. If you are grinding and someone is pking you, call us. If you are grinding and someone is kill stealing, call us. If you want to buy something in NC and are lacking a bit of gold, call us. If you are in need of anything, call us. We are here to help, and please do not confuse asking for help with begging. 5. Lastly, please be active and most importantly, be TALKATIVE in guild. The easiest way to make a friend is to speak to them and get to know them. We want to know about you. We want to know your name, where you're from, what you like doing, etc. If you are going to be away for a while, please let us know ahead of time. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our Discord: https://discord.gg/yF5NZGF Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/555081621763304/ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you are interested in joining, please contact us! Our IGNS: Guild Master: CelestiaTester, Kieon, Amiral, ookull, Reforget Vice Presidents: - Aerialcy (Amy) - Guinnever (Ann) - CarLdeLeGenD (Carl)
  2. I hope someone gets a laugh out of this:
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXg9CRFC8OY
  4. I went to Distorted Crevice to philo my items and noticed an enemy there with a very pretty robe (Rune Corrupter.) Then I came to realize that it's the exact same robe as the wizard robe, so I was wondering if we could have the wizard robe in two colors as well? Red and Violet!
  5. I don't think edited players should be excluded from any pvp based platform unless it's like the PVP Tournaments Orange used to host before, where the winner would receive a lv 135 weapon. But when we're talking a PVP map, edits should be allowed as well. Edits are not cheap, and it would be unfair to those who have already spent the money on them to become stronger, to know that they cannot compete with them.
  6. I'm not sure if this is possible given the game, but I was wondering if it would be possible to revamp the PvP Arena and change it from being a free for all arena to team based pvp map. Similar to some MMOs where there's a faction, would be possible to have PvP done the same way? Let's say there's a Red team and Blue team, and if you enter the map it automatically assigns you to the faction with the lower amount of people. I believe this would create a much more friendly or competitive play style for the members who wish to compete, but do not have teammates to back them up. Well in this hypothetical scenario, you wouldn't need to worry about being alone because statistically speaking, someone has to be on your team. Even the non-edited/lower level players can join because if they are magnus, or mage, or even a rogue, they can still provide adequate support for their team. And if possible, you could even leave the free for all arena and just have the "Team PVP" as an option as well.
  7. I only addressed swordmasters so that no one said I was purposely excluding them, I mentioned all the fighter classes to express how they do or do not rely on sonic boom as you put it. However now that I am reading your response I suppose that would be better. You said "why not suggest expanding their skill list?" well that's because I'm not sure what other skills would be of any service to them if their range was decreased. I an understand decreasing the range a Hybrid or Tanker has, but if we're talking the skill itself I don't see how that won't affect Swordmasters, unless of course their Sonic Boom range is not altered. But even still, in all of this I don't understand what that has to do with AXES which was my main point. Suppose the range of sonic boom is decreased to whatever speed, I still don't understand what about the axe makes it where they should not be able to use them, or at the very least spirit sword. I've asked other players for their input and their argument is similar to yours, but their arguments are more towards Magnuses and Paladins in general. Saying that they should not have Defense, HP, Attack, Block, and strike (basically the entire kit,) and that something should be sacrificed. I understand that way of thinking, but again, my entire point is about the axe. If it's about fighters in general and how their SKILLS should be nerfed, why not just nerf the skills and not the weapons? The main idea is to find a way to incorporate axes again because at the moment it's a dead weapon.
  8. I understand what you are saying to some degree, however I respectively disagree with your point about "you should not depend on 1-2 ranged skills and forget the rest, that is a choice, not a necessity." Sonic boom in some regards is a necessity (attempting to face a cardinal or rogue without sonic boom in a guild war is going to make for an easy kill for their side,) but I would not say that this is the only skill a fighter relies on. Paladins and Magnuses alike use double strike, cross slash, sword storm, spirit sword, bloody sky, shield barrier, invulnerable, and heal. Far from relying on 1-2 skills. Swordmasters on the other hand do rely heavily on those two skills because quite frankly, that's all they really have. Attempting to close in as a glass cannon is only going to make you easier to kill when you consider rogues having dagger blow and mages having shield of justice, lightning stun, and even holy-justice. May I please ask what you mean when you say "you might lose range but we will make sure you gain something that keeps melee classes balanced" ? I understand exact information may be confidential, but I'd like an example if you don't mind. Edit: Also, Destroyers, Crusaders, and Panzers, DEFINITELY do not rely on sonic boom. I'm just having trouble understanding what significant balancing was a result of nerfing the axe.
  9. My suggestion is to change Axes back to where they can use Sonic Boom and Spirit Sword. I understand that maybe it will go against the skill descriptions, however, for those who have already wasted a ton of time and money on their Axes, it is a bit of a buzzkill. With the introduction to level 135 weapons, edited Human Swordmasters are cranking tanks for anywhere from 73k 73k to 83k 83k unbuffed due to crit damage. Elves no longer have the benefit of crit damage from their weapon due to the change in how they work. I am not certain if this was an attempt to further balance the game or not, but I believe the game will continue to be balanced for the most part despite Axes. For a player who loves an Elven Fighter, sometimes I feel a bit useless with the lack of extra damage, especially when facing another tank or a mage. I would also like to argue on point of the non-edited players who choose to play let's say a non-edited magnus or elf-paladin, they feel a bit overwhelmed by some of the edited players as well as non-edited players when they don't have that extra crit damage to compete. I suppose in some ways axe is still a playable weapon but hardly anyone uses them anymore due to the lack of range it has, now that it not longer supports sonic boom or spirit sword. It is also more a challenge for the non-edited players to achieve decent crit rate without the weapon. I do understand other weapons may or may not have received a bit of a debuff as well, such as those who dual wield daggers can no longer use Shield Boomerang, however...they can now use a plethora of other skills that back then were no possible with dual wielding. Also, it hardly matters due to the fact that Rogues have stealth for a quick and slick getaway and approach method. I also understand that 2h swords cannot use sword storm anymore, which again, matters not, due to the fact that it still has the support of range. Wands have not been changed, bows have not been changed, daggers to an extent (depending on your perspective...) have been buffed. So why is it that Axe was so heavily displaced? The Hurricane Eye used to be worth just as much as the other PD Weapons (clean was about 45-50 billion, and dirty was anywhere over 70 billion.) Now the poor things at their best are worth 25b in the market (I saw someone selling one for 15b) due to their becoming obsolete. I believe I speak for all the Eleven Fighters when I say that I really miss the axe, and I was looking forward to purchasing the lv. 135 1h Axe and 2h Axe from PD but I have to settle for the swords instead now which is a bummer. I hope anyone who sees this can understand my point and hopefully agree. Edit: Also, the reasoning is the description of the skill in game, why not just change the description?
  10. Well, the people that raised me at least taught me how to type...unlike you o.o...maybe your parents did a bad job at raising you, since you can't even hold a good debate without being offended. Also, KR loses wars to us just like we lose wars to them. if you don't believe me you can go to youtube and type in "CelestiaTester" and you can see all the wars I recorded. KR lost every single one.
  11. There is nothing immature about criticizing your typing, I'm honestly just trying to help you so that no one says it to you again later. If we are going to have a debate, I want to help you understand that you could put some spaces in between your big sentences so people can read them better. What I said about your typing is the same thing anyone else from the U.S would say. Also, of course she did not say it EXACTLY the same, but the idea was the same.She did not change the entire concept of her message, otherwise it technically would not be the same.
  12. Orange said that earlier, which means she said it a second time, so you're just using that as a card to get out of the debate, but okay. Also, war is still pvp, and still counts. you have to look at all sides. Regardless of how you feel about it. And also, I never said I couldn't read what you said, I said it was "hard" to understand you because you type all your stuff in one big sentence. That is poor formatting and I hope you don't type like that when making resumes for your job applications. :/ Also, no one is talking about 1 on 1, only you. Orange did not make the thread about 1 on 1, it's about pvp, war, and all. So please stop with that. lol
  13. Dude, can please separate your paragraphs when you're typing, you made this into one huge sentence and it is really hard to read and keep track of everything you're saying. Do not tell me cardinals cannot stunlock, because it happens all the time. I'm not talking about sleeping anyone, I don't know where you are stationed in the world, but I am in the USA, and because of that, this "you need some good timing to sleep them before ht fully wears off by time it does they would already got close and stunlock" that's not true for me, because my connection is much better than those who are not that close to the server as I am. So I don't know what you're talking about here. "my destroyer can easily stunlock any mage" - If that's the case, we can test this ourselves. Just tell me your in game name, I'll get Amiral, and we can test it. "How is that your main when you use it support reforget?" I only use Reforget in Guild War with KR, KR is the biggest guild/union in the entire server. When I am going to war against them, it is all about what character gets the job done. Amiral is a mage, and she was my first character and first level 140 character. Reforget was not normally leveled, he was PDed to 150, and I do not use him for anything other than wars against KR. Therefore, he is not my main. And Amiral is a mage, so no duh, of course I"m gonna use her to heal Reforget. Just like everyone uses their mages to heal their other characters. That was really an irrelevant argument on your part. "Rune impact may say 70% but we all know its 99%" This is incorrect. You cannot decide for yourself what percentage of success rate a skill has, as you are not a GM, and you don't get to make that decision. It varies from person to person, and my rune impact fails a LOT, if it were 99%, it would not fail nearly as much as it does. Do not try to fabricate, in an attempt to support your claims. "Man you really making mage sound like some untouchable char" No...you are just ignoring my point. The point of this entire thread, is to talk about balancing things, and I feel like one of the things that would help balance the game, is if you nerf the skills that do 10k-12k automatic damage, no matter what equips you have. Mages should be pushing for magical attack to deal damage, not just make a cardinal and have instantaneous damage to everyone. It is unfair to the classes that actually have to work to deal damage to the mage. "why you bringing up war? war is based on TEAM PLAY. Im talking 1on1 pvp not duels who cares about duels?" You clearly don't know what it's like to be in charge of anything if you honestly just asked me those questions. When you are talking about changing something that EVERYONE uses, you have to take into account ALL factors, not just 1. You cannot just think about "1 on 1" because that supports only your argument, and no one elses'. You cannot fix a discussion to fit your agenda. You must take into account every obstacle. Not just 1on1, but wars and duels as well. Also, I brought up war and duels because you were talking about how someone can "kill you with rune impact if they use it over and over and it only has to do 300 damage" when that is a complete ignorant thing to say, because that literally never ever happens. There has never been a situation where someone rune impacts you 500 times just to kill you. Meanwhile, Cardinals, and Necros, are using a broken DoT skill (which requires absolutely no effort, money, or anything to use,) every single day. And since you like talking about other servers so much, don't forget that Gpotato and other servers purposely lowered the damage of this skill in PVP. The most it could do in pvp is 749 per second. Heck, EVEN IN THE OLD CELESTIA LUNA, BEFORE THE REBIRTH, HOLY TAKER WAS NERFED, AND COULD ONLY DO 749 DAMAGE PER SECOND. LOL But I guess you wouldn't know that, since you haven't played as long as I have. "when you say it takes no effort" Yes, when I say it takes "no effort" I'm saying you don't have to have any items on to deal damage with Holy Taker or Venom cloud, if you even try to argue that, you're just wasting my time. :/ @Heishin - "Even if you /only/ cut edits in half you'd still be removing the benefits of tens of thousands of dollars worth of donated dollars from players. " Well if you want to get technical, they've already done that by remove evasion/strike edits, and making axes completely useless. You have to make sacrifices and do what's best for the game, the PDers will always have access to things that the normal players do not, so even if they cut them, the PDers would receive some form of accurate and efficient reimbursement be that in items, gold or whatever. Also, keep in mind that Donating is not the same as purchasing. Donation is something you do out of your heart, CL just happens to give you stuff back for Donating, but they are not obligated to under the correct use of "donation." When you make the choice to pay for something, be sure you know all the stipulations, and always think about the things that could happen in the future before you do so.
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