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  1. Yeah not really since I can't download anything to the hotel's computer to go to the IRC and see what's up! :wacko:
  2. Was just wondering why account: johander got banned for! I would go to the irc and check for myself if I was home but working out of town for a few weeks! If someone could check for me and reply that would be great! Thanks and Have a Nice Day! :) I don't see any of my characters in any reports!
  3. Well that's exactly the Point! You don't know when someone is going to KS you! Which is why I suggested start taking screenshots or video when someone comes around you when your hunting! It's not really that hard to press one more key every few seconds when your hunting! And yeah I could go to another channel...but I've been here a long time and have seen way too many people be rude and not show any respect and just start KSing me! So I'm not really sorry for them when I take out my revenge on their sorry Butts! They usually take the hint and leave to find a different channel themselves! I reolize that not everyone can do that...just putting my two cents in and telling you what I do! :)
  4. Giving the Suggestor a -1 for this one based Only on the fact that it would cause more problems than solutions! Not getting into the whole Discussion on homosexuality! I'm not but that don't give me the right to judge anyone else!
  5. I get my revenge on people who KS me...I just leave nice and quietly..Come back with my High Crit Soul Arbiter and PK them! :) Holy Justice is Served! No sense in wasting my time to report them when I get so much more satisfaction from PKing them! :) And to the Point of the matter...it is a good idea to take pics or a video of you hunting when others you don't know are around!
  6. MrFabulous


    I don't agree with this either. It's too easy to dual log and just transfer items over. Really don't see any benifits...just more problems!
  7. Has the Stats at least!
  8. MrFabulous


    Wow....you actually fell for this scam? First of all Read the Rules. Then use some common sense....and remove your head from your posterior orfice! People here don't give away pp for free! Me I hope you don't get your account back just for being so common sense challenged! You did this one to yourself by giving out your username and password! Oh and have a Nice Day! ;)
  9. MrFabulous

    minus 20 ? :o

    +1 Antoni77 now your at 0. ;)
  10. Here you go Folks! Have a Look at MrFabulous! 18.3k Matck....Not too shabby! :)
  11. MrFabulous

    I'm Baacckkk!

    Hello fellow players and Staff....I'm Finally back playing again! I've missed the game, my Characters, and my friends I've made here! So if you see me..Gimme a What Up! :)
  12. +1 We should bring this back!
  13. Well in order to delevel you would have to go into PK Mode and attack someone then get killed a bunch of times. :) We like to delevel people! :)
  14. :) Well I'm Glad you like it! Necro's are Fun!
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