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  1. Yea it was me with new ID.. also the big bow you mean is Frunting :v
  2. Well thx... Yea i see CL have some changes. And alot of new players. But CL grown better. Fortunately some players still recognize me .... ( q.q thx guys ) and yeah.. *high five* btw whoever read this posting please include your ign when replying. so we can be friends ^^
  3. Due to a problem irl, i can't play CL about 7 months. And when the problem is solved, i don't remember anything about my account... Actually i'm regret this, but honestly it's all my fault. So, i'll try to start playing CL from zero... like old time. My spirit to support CL will never die. FROM ZERO TO HERO ~ IGN : Naenia (idk what this char going to be but i'll try rogue)
  4. donate via paypal is known as Private Donation, please contact Brandon / Sparx at IRC for further information.
  5. done updating :3 the problems is ....... " please pay the internet fee before using the internet" ~(-_-~")
  6. did already q.q but still in the end .................... failed to get celestialuna08.2 file --
  7. did it already, still the same :/
  8. Kyaaaaaahhhh -,- i couldn't get updateluna08-2.luna file in my clinet..... Mister niceguy...or anybody help meh please :3 Note : Already disabled my av
  9. Serave

    KPOP!? :o

    kyaaaaaaahhhhh another KPOP lover, just like mehhh mum <3 BINGBANG & SuJu Loveh <3
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