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  1. welcome back to luna your name sounds very familiar D;
  2. ok the question was where ._. as they mentioned there is no fairy queen, Kierra spawns once a week on deadly hill in Lair of Kierra on any given random channel, Keep in mind if anyone over level 105 hits her noone will get experience or drops because shes level 85.
  3. Corpse

    Resolution Error

    Are you trying to open something else when it crashes? Honestly you didn't even give anyone a chance to answer and you say noone cares just because your'e in a bad mood about it with that attitude I will be suprised if anyone is willing to help you geez.
  4. people can already post that info if they wished , if you want a seperate section made just for their char info then I think you would find thats most would not be bothered to post thiers anyway.
  5. you could just make a noob lvl it to 20 fast and add dex see how much it adds if you really need to know save you some money on a stat reset for just testing.
  6. PC just because the controls are easy with the keyboard plus you can do so much more with the mods and cheats on PC as long as your comp can handle it.
  7. Corpse

    Show Yourself!

    1.5 for the glasses,sorry I am a guy and don't judge other guys unlike some dudes >.>
  8. Hello welcome to Celestia the oldest and best luna server out there.
  9. A raid boss named "black widow master arach" drops it in valley of the fairy but he does not yet exist in celestia luna so yeah it would be impossible to obtain by normal means.
  10. Corpse

    Just a suggestion.

    Sounds like alot of uneeded work the screen shot reports work fine as long as they are done properly, not only that uploading videos takes forever and also the quality of luna recordings sucks alot of the time, Then every player would be required to dl some outside program just to record ? I don't think this is a good idea.
  11. you could try, I have seen you do events and the players all love them the only thing though is every event theres always drama about how it wasn't fair or people didn't understand and you might get that negative feedback on you, you know how it goes.
  12. maybe for new years or something theres a ton of holidays coming I was hoping there would be a halloween event and thanksgiving xmas etc. (Zombeh Invasion)
  13. Corpse


    no seraphyre is correct turn off the antivirus while its downloading and installing because some antiviruses will block some of the files and it wont run also after its installed and running put the launcher as an exception in your antivirus.
  14. Corpse


    you should really search the forums for the answer theres tons of posts on this topic, reinstall the client with your firewall and antivirus off.
  15. there is no vocational skills in cl sorry maybe sometime in the future.
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