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  1. Soken

    Refined Powder's

    I seen a few threads on this topic, but not answered by a GM or Staff member. And the threads were out of date so I was wondering. . . Are the Refined Powders bugged? And if they are, will they be fixed anytime soon; because they are very useful to us. Thank you O:
  2. How would you guys know what lvl is what o.o If they can lie easily o.o
  3. No one shall ever find out what it means >: D
  4. Oh but I will waka waka waka waka
  5. Heather. . . we must keep our love a secret so for now in public. . . my love is pie
  6. Whats on my minds. . . No whats on your mind O:<

  7. Whats on my minds. . . No whats on your mind O:<

  8. yay to new comers : D
  9. oh but it is >w< and all MINE!
  10. Thank you everyone for warm welcomes (: And sorry, I sell my love for Pie and only pie ^-^
  11. Oi~ Just wanna check out Celestia for a while =P
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