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  1. <shoutbot> User kerakmemek banned for reason 'Trading a character (lKissMel). [Akcent]' Character trading = permanent ban. There's the answer.
  2. <shoutbot> User Nhieghasta347 banned for reason 'reinforce hack' You will not get your account back, sorry. I mean haha! :P
  3. Just being friendly. :) Thanks rena, cute like me I guess. ;) I'm just worried that some friends might not remember me anymore. :( Don't worry, you will have the right friends here. XD
  4. It seems that 3 pages for the friends list isn't enough for me and I think for other people too. I suggest that we add our friends list capacity at least to 4-7 pages instead of just 3 pages. Thank you and good day! :)
  5. User rizkyapadeh banned for reason 'selling char' There you go, its permanent ban. and btw reinz, I think asking why you were banned in forums will just add up to your ban duration.
  6. Yeah, I also don't think that it is considered as unfair advantages...
  7. This will slow the fakers down but will not entirely obliterate them. I'd say that the key to avoid fake sellers is to be careful when buying an item, look at the items first before deciding to buy or not :)
  8. 18<shoutbot> User ewankosau is banned It was banned using the old ban panel. Talk to the GMs in IRC
  9. Vector Prime


    When a person is accused of multivoting, the GMs will check the account first before doing something and they know if a person is a multivoter or not. So no need to worry. ;)
  10. It's your responsibility to read the rules first before you play. Remember, the rules serves as your warning.
  11. Right, I also thought of this. Some players could make a new char so that they can be look like "noobs" and beg for money. If they already have enough money, they will transfer their golds to their main char. This is a good suggestion. for me, it's not bad to beg, just don't spam and annoy people. I support this suggestion.
  12. So, if everything can only be bought for PP, this could stop multivoters but it will also have a negative impact on legal voters, especially those who can't afford to donate. For me, it's already hard enough to have many golds so if this got implemented, every non-donators will suffer because the items in Item mall(like pukerian, 100% exp scrolls) will be near unobtainable for non-donators and of course, the selling price of these items will skyrocket(I can't imagine if a 100% exp scroll will be sold at 250m).
  13. Is there a way for the 1st path to minimize the no-aoe pain? Btw, very nice, The 1st path will be suitable for me :)
  14. Vector Prime


    Wow Angel, I guess it shows that you have a very good eyesight. I didn't noticed the space between the player and the chat you showed us. Very good Angel. +1 ;)
  15. +1 for you. Anyway, I would like to add the quote "Too good to be true" because if someone offered you something which is too good to be true, the chances of getting scammed is more than 75% if you accept the offer...
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