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    Paintballing , video games , rodeo events , sky diving , fishing aaaaa lot ,hunting , four wheeling, drifting, and paaaartying, I have a pretty open mind on new stuff. :D
  1. Only games worth buyin this year: GTA V, BF4, cod nowadays is a complete joke.
  2. well I guess ill never play with ya I believe the new consoles are trash
  3. prolly shouldn't buy either. stick with a xbox 360. one is a pos for what it is and sony sucks imo
  4. I'd feel kinda pissed if ya didn't hit me up in bf4 multiplayer clise
  5. Get GTA V and we can talk ;D
  6. dang makes me wana learn to use tiny chat lol :DD
  7. who me? you get on when I cant lol :/
  8. well for starters: GTA V coming out the 17th of September and BF4 coming out in October I believe. CoD I could give 2 shits less
  9. I don't know what kind of guy would make his girl wait. Just hearing a thing like that makes me kinda mad.
  10. Imho I believe that xbox 360 was superior to PS3 and xbox one is trash. PS4 is a slightly glorified PS3.
  11. Well I'm not buying either of the new consoles. I'm stickin with my 360 til its dead. And then go to computer only.
  12. I hate you guys :/. You always play when I'm at school or something D:
  13. thts a good trait tht guy must be a scrub to make ya wait.
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