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  1. uhhmm I think the server was down again xD
  2. 4 years na simula ata ng mag stop akong mag laro neto hahaha. Anyway may mga filipino pa bang natira dito? :)
  3. oi kuya box mg work ka na tama na kalalaro ng luna xD
  4. When someone starts to recognize your existence.. ^_^
  5. chill lng guys ;) ... just ignore him mag sasawa din yan.. haha...
  6. wala na pala ung breakdown union sayang nmn kakamiss mga members dun dti...well sana nga magkaroon ulit ng union na tulad ng dati... sasali ako basta walang trashtalk sa guild :P
  7. posibleng mangyari yan kaso walang unity mga pinoy dito :)
  8. I was bored in this server too and decided to quit for a while. I might come back when the new update is out ( it's been 3 years though or it could even take 5 more years.). I bet a lot of players will quit if that were to happen just like what everyone said in the previous posts. If you are bored then try to make more characters,alt etc. It could be enough to resist your boredom. Well, about PD stuffs it is what makes the game alive. Players donate to get stronger items and the staffs do it because they got paid. Those money that they get from editing stuffs is what makes the server alive and kicking. Without it the server could die in an instant. I hope you'll last for a bit and continue playing. Good luck anyway :)
  9. just stand besides austere and let him kill you.. you just need to resurrect in the same spot until you get the desired level that you want... :) you'll delevel faster that way
  10. You should be able to solo austere just fine as long as you spam these skills when you are a soul arbiter :binding soul,angelic breath holy justice,soul spear,holy earthquake-->repeat ... With that combo routine austere will mostly be a dummy for you since he won't be able to get near you as long as you are spamming binding soul along with angelic breath.. When I was still playing I usually killed him within 5 minutes.. anyway good luck ;)
  11. yup it will but as a rune master you wont be needing cast speed items but instead you'll be needing a decent int and wisdom items...
  12. after 10 years pa sguro bago mtpos ung update haha....almost 5 years na since hinihintay ko ung update wala pa rin ^_^
  13. yup int increases your magic crit while m.a increases your m.a power... better get int for philos :P
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