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  1. Things got so much better. <3

  2. I adore your avatar.

  3. Pas de place pour toi dans ma vie.

    1. mano


      hey Sir Akcent please Open My Id:gunadarma nick:OpenMyMind Help Me please sir ... T_T

  4. Asking for reputation is just as bad as asking for thumbs up on Youtube. Yep.

  5. Ha, I knew it. =P

    1. Sparx


      haha figures

  6. Favoloso!

    1. Akcent


      "shoutbot> User lutfisabil banned for reason 'real currency trading'"

      You know, you could've sent me a private message instead.

    2. BlackRavine


      long time no see akcent how are u ^_^ sorry for never message you coz my mom don't let me touch my computer coz test to a high school ^_^(although it's not excuse LOL)

  7. Pandah, you shall be mine one day!

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    2. Sparx


      sup babe ;D

    3. Sparx


      get yer arse on irc when im on T_T

    4. ChandyLand


      holy shiz akcent, chur loved xD

  8. Your avatar... ugggghh. D:

  9. Personne ne mérite de souffrir à ce point...

  10. Si seulement...

    1. Fifin


      si seulement je ne suis pas encore engagée >.<

  11. Feel free to do so Fee. :D

  12. You would need to let us know about it first.

  13. Well, If you go on your profile, you'll see that you have 0 at the moment.

    To give reputation to someone, you'll see a green + under the person's post... click on it...

    and obviously, - gives minus reputation.

  14. Oh my. =]

    It's my Fee!

  15. *Feels bad and gives tissues* o_o

  16. *Sudden hug*

  17. O hai there guild master. C:

  18. ?

    I'm not lying. >_>;

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