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  1. iya, sayang sekali memang, tapi aku juga sudah berhenti berharap d sini, btw, itu sig nya wajah cc fifin asli yah? akhirya tau wajah imoetnya yg sesungguhnya ohohoho
  2. Mampir, ngecek apakah janji2 manis oreng udah d tepati or belum.... uwohohoho
  3. Fortune


    1. I read it somewhere in this forum, but cant find the thread... l cape is somewhere below 1% i dont remember about E bow. 2. yes, it does. PS: use mage that can stun lock, then go full INT. i used to solo him using my INT cardinal. (m atk around 14k). 15 mins will do.
  4. Fortune

    SAO Fans

    that^ the l-novel is more satisfying imo cant wait for "invading"
  5. lol zohor xD i will try, at least, not to embarass myself
  6. there were many ppls buying either the fish or the items inside... now the amount of ppls reducing, the demand is low dace [email protected] carp/ minnow [email protected] gold carp [email protected] terrap [email protected] shining garbage [email protected]
  7. Fortune

    Tanya Blok Rate

    sy g bilang apapun soal block rate ngereduce damage pasti jadi 1 loh.. plus, abyss knight emang patk tinggi, http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/801-guide-required-pdef-and-eva/
  8. a paladin user like me would have bought that for 10b-12b (with perfect rein)
  9. Fortune

    Tanya Blok Rate

    block rate ga ada hub.nya ama stun begitu pula eva. plus: block rate cuma ngefek kalo lawannya sesama player.
  10. i'd go PK mode, u know, to show my dominance... lol
  11. im curious too, probably night redemption (or whatever that 1-h lvl 135 sword name is)
  12. yes, the buffs... higher auras (lvl 3 on magnus, and lvl 2 on paladin) plus solid weapon (elf paladin doesnt have this)
  13. sekarang ga ada bantuan "password recovery" mau ga mau mulai dari awal lg
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