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  1. reading that "love you" text from my one and only-shy girl for the first time T.T
  2. I dunno where to post this, but could you please add "Delete Comment" option on forum post? Ive been getting a lagged connection lately and accidentally posting 3 same posts >,<
  3. Since I'm a full fledged Necro vit, I like to throw all my DOT/DPS skill at once (about 25k absolute damage for one round)...and happily watch my foe in agony. :D
  4. My girl is the loveliest one!! <3 <3

  5. My girl is the loveliest one!! <3 <3

  6. I'm backkkk XDDD

  7. iya.. smua skill aktif item dah di disable. bisa kok. di bagian setting ada option ganti email.
  8. Happy Birthday Sir Brandon xDDD
  9. bukan folder family , tapi di Celestia luna di Program Files itu....kamu taro aja icon nya di folder yang ada LunaPatcher nya
  10. Yow whazzaup,, havent online for couple months xDDD

  11. Raioh

    Legal / Ilegal

    Please dont make them more expensive than bach >.< >>>>> Lookin at the pic, it ,must be a self-taken pic at cinda stairs and the amount of the gold is less than 1m.
  12. went back to school after 2 weeks of holiday.. still the same as b4 -_-

  13. when i spent half of my day just to figure out HOW to use this new printer -_-
  14. i hate holiday!! i want to see her right away! >,<

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