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  1. My problem is number 1 .. I already add to exception with baidu antivir.. Then it still bug. And now i delet my antivir but still happen.. How can u fix this ??
  2. Gan mau tanya luna ane knp ya pas ane execute lainchernya trus klik start g muncul apa apa.. Pesan eror aja g muncul.. Apa dia langsung k end task sndirii ?? Antivir keadaan mati firewall juga hlpp
  3. i just want to know .. why entrap than bt ?? entrap not strong enough that bt , coz bt can dual , entrap cant can u explain why ??
  4. Lvling of course magnus GW Magnus is the best but Human SM if high strike and high damage crit better Pvp Magnus too
  5. better pagan hell / cutlass / steno ??
  6. pls answer my question .. now i level 110 i confused what weapon should i use on dual wield ?? what price DM craft 25 ++ str philo str 20 ++ ?? [+12 DM] ??
  7. war - infant - knight - magnus or war - merc - knight - SM ??
  8. magnus 2h is good all the way i think but if u go dual better SM one
  9. Elf can be soul arbiter .. and thats path is good for soul arbiter
  10. Better GM or Cardinal ???pls give me some fast advice tq b4 Note.if look from many side pvp.gvg.pve
  11. GM 105 can solo NH ?? Standart Eq
  12. i see @ any Guide Rune cry mean Anti-Hide skill ?? what is mean ?
  13. I have human SM 106 i confuse with weapon better dual sword or 2h axe ?? Assumt no penalty on dual wield ....fast reply pls want play and what stat is mush go for fast lvling ??
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