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  1. First of all, thank you for the +1 and the good vibes to Vinz, Various and Kayuun ^_^ I would like to seize this opportunity to clarify something about the 2nd suggestion. I didn't wanted to specify any particular system, because I think that there are many ways to do this. So, I just throw the idea in order that moderators are the ones to decide the best system for Celestia. I hope we hear some news soon!! :D
  2. When there's a will there's a way.

  3. shoutbot> User reinz110 banned for reason 'full caps [Laurel]' :wacko: I don't know this ban, but I think it's temporary
  4. Tell us your account ID so we can check the ban reason for you.
  5. Great suggestion!!! but, for what darxlord says, it seems we won't have much luck :( For now, you can always check this post: http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php/topic/50-costume-sets/page__hl__costume__fromsearch__1 (add it to your Favourites :P )
  6. Hi vortec!!, The picture is not a specific client. I edited the Login image with Paint and added the checkbox with a programming software, that's why it looks so real haha! :lol: And yes, the user name list is a good idea too. Especially for people that shares the PC like brothers do :P
  7. Yes, the "Remember Account" option will be more useful for people that always plays in the same PC. But some days you get disconnected very often because of game bugs or server/ PC problems. On those occasions, this option will be helpful to everyone because by only typing your password you'll be playing again :P It's faster and more comfortable :)
  8. Hi everyone!, I've checked many suggestions in the forum, but I didn't find anything about it. So, this are my suggestions :P : Suggestion 1: Remember Account Something like this: For a faster log in, so we don't have to type your account name every time. * If is not possible to modify the Luna Client, maybe this option could be placed in the Patcher. Suggestion 2: Password Reset Since it's a very common problem among users to lose their password, maybe a "password reset system" could be implemented. Anytime that an user request a password reset, an e-mail will be sent with a new random password. Certainly, it'll be better for the user to change it immediately for another more suitable. I hope you like them :D Don't forget to vote B) Greetings!! ^_^
  9. Garavion

    DD Cards...

    First of all, thank you kuchikihisana and iDomo for the +1 ^_^ Well, I don't really know if they can modify the client this way, but maybe they can place this option in the Patcher, right?. Let's wait for the moderator's comments :P
  10. Garavion

    DD Cards...

    Wow good suggestion!!. Another possibility is to put a checkbox in the Option menu called "Reject Date Invitations" such as the "Reject Duels" option or something that works like that. This way you can auto-reject the DDs placing the tick in "Reject Date Invitations" or tell everyone you are able again when you remove the tick and apply the changes. Hope your suggestion is taken into consideration and they can do something about it. Good Luck!! ^_^
  11. If you were, you are not anymore :P shoutbot> User athlonx002 is not banned
  12. Garavion

    Log on problem

    IRC bot says you have been banned for the following reason: shoutbot> User k91701 banned for reason 'cross game trading [Reid]'
  13. Garavion

    Q>Eva TM

    I think this information might help you: Knight's Graveyard ○ Mobs from lvl 110 to 120 - Eva required: 370+ ○ Mobs 120+ - Eva required: 340+ Yes, it seems that 120+ mobs have less strike :P This information is not mine, I took it from this PDef and Eva Guide: http://forum.celesti...d-pdef-and-eva/ Check it out for further data. Good luck!! ^_^
  14. Fairy’s Shining Dew: Construction Cost: 5,000 gold Fairy Dust x 10 High Quality Leather Oil x 20 Tasartia Prices: Fairy Dust = 1,036 gold High Quality Leather Oil = 6,300 gold So, in order to build 1 Fairy’s Shining Dew you will spend: (1,036 x 10) + (6,300 x 20) + 5,000 = 141,360 gold :wacko: Really expensive haha! So try to get as much materials as you can by drops :D
  15. TY again Syn! and all fo you guys!!. I think I know exactly how I will build my char now!! :P Cya all ingame!! .- ^_^
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