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  1. Penis. And no, bad path. Ao Warrior<Swordman/Merc<Phlanx<____. I've heard of Phlanx<Destro? =P
  2. e.e that's stupid. CL needs to start fixing this shit.
  3. I've read that I should go Wiz<Monk<Bishop<Necro. Well would it be okay if I went Wiz<Sorc<Bishop<Necro for easier grinding to 105 (Since at 105 I wont be using the Monk skills anyway)? Also, should I go pure INT all the way or change to VIT at 115? Thanks ^.^..
  4. I have asked tons of people and no one can seem to tell me how much these are worth.. I hope you can help :) .
  5. So beautiful :wub: :wub:
  6. At the Merchant in Alker Harbor, last page of her items. She sells Enchant Scrolls (Weapon/Armor/Accessory) and Enchant Protection Scrolls (Same kind for all). First, look at you weapon's level. Let's say it is level 50. So you go to her and you look for lvl 40- blah. As long as your weapon level is lvl 40-Said level it will work. You buy the enchant scroll and press 'S', then go to the third tab "Actions" then you see all of these Icons. Second row, third icon from the right is 'Enchant', press it. Then a little window will pop up with a scroll outlined and a weapon outlined. Place your weapon in the weapon slot and enchant scroll in the scroll slot. Then press "Okay" after you weapon is +1, you must then go buy 'Enchant Protections Scrolls' (be sure these are yet again the same level range of the weapon/armor/accessory). Then double click the Enchant Protect and you will see the same little window pop up. Place your item/enchant scroll in the same slots and enchant. Do not worry if you fail, just keep at it till your equipment is +7. BE SURE TO USE A PROTECT SCROLL OR YOUR ITEM WILL DESTROY WHEN FAILED!!
  7. I have been fishing and stuff for awhile now, but I have never caught a Crucian Carp. Is it this? I see 'Crucian Carp' as a fish here, leading me to believe they were just named wrong(?) Anyway, thanks =P
  8. He alrdy said it wont be implimented. take a joke and stop being such a BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP ;)
  9. OH SHIT. I forgot x'D I thought he was like 21 (?) o_o
  10. ^ Cept you dont have the good items/they are lent to u and u scam the 100% 30% 10% 10% from newbies. Lol now gtfo this old ass thread before you get yourself banned Mr. Pedobear.
  11. ^ lol, she's online 17 unless...
  12. ♥ღVinnyღ ♥

    My SM

    No; I recommend you re-skill to 1h till 115 then go Dual-wield. If you want crit at all. If you don't really want crit and would rather just brute strength it through till 115, that seems fine too. Also, be sure to have critical weapon rein as well as a critical slime if you are that worried about it.
  13. Where do I get this item o_0?
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