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  1. BurnIt

    Gold efficiency

    hmm.. this actually attracted me a bit.. I had bow user once, it was elf RW bow type. I realise that human assasin>ar have more damage but what about def/eva? my rw had problems with aoeing because mobs actually did damage. eva was hard to stack imho. this is why it was not pleasure to play him
  2. BurnIt

    Gold efficiency

    Ouhh.. then no, I did not Did not even know about it. I am some kind of beginner still ahaha
  3. BurnIt

    Gold efficiency

    if you meant that, no I am not D:
  4. BurnIt

    Gold efficiency

    Hello again Celestians~! Omg so many years holy beagles.. I would like to ask you fellas about.............. gold efficiency in general. Which class from mentioned will scale best with money spent on gears. I am thinking not only about damage, but also enough defense/eva to tank mobs/boss. Classes: Magnus/Paladin(I guess 1h sword+shield), TM, Necromancer. Additonal questions: 1. From what I heard, Paladin have highest %block rate but Magnus is more atk type than Paladin. Is that the only difference between them? 2. Can Necromancer use Athena to cast spells?
  5. Hmm... Maybe I can use my second acc with my Bishop to buff (but not heal because hard to selecting windows all time) and if it's legal ofcourse.. For now I have 205 Evasion.. Still need :C Maybe at 105 lvl with maxed passives and new set or something I will get more..
  6. I just hate working with group :C I can't stand cooperate with ppl :C solo always solo.. :P
  7. Reinforce I can do only in boots? How much eva reinforce is good ? I have now 11 XDD.. And philos.. (expensive T_T 1m per one on 80lvl armors), how much eva is good philo ? @edit and do full dex build ? XD
  8. Hmm.. okay thanks. I think I don't have enough money to make good eva philos.. And next.. My Zephyr's buff giving 60dex and this 60 dex giving me 12eva.. so If I add all stats to dex, I will get MAYBE 200 eva.. need 75 more :C how to do?
  9. Hellow :3 I have an assasin (future entrapper) and I have question/s.. First. For now I have 1300 pdef and 173 eva.. I found in one guide I need 3,2k pdef or 275++ eva to farm in Nera Harbor.. What can I do for future? Im not rich so which way will be cheaper/easier: def/eva? PS: I saved all stat points and I have all now XDD maybe it will help to suggest me something.. :P second: Where can I leveling? Except DD ? Thanks before~~
  10. Wawawawa :d Hello Superhero waitress : >
  11. BurnIt

    Farm class :)

    Ok thanks all :)
  12. BurnIt

    Farm class :)

    Hello all again :) I want back from big break. And I have again same problem :) I know, there is a lot of farm class guides, but I want create new one because maybe something was changed. Usually peoples says Entrapper. Yes, I agree, but I need the cheapest farmer. Maybe the cheapest is entrapper, but I don't know this. So please suggest me some :<. The Cheapest Farm Class~~! Thanks before :)
  13. BurnIt

    Arch Ranger :)

    Hellow, I want come back here after a one year resting. My items it's not best, but Im not full noob. I want ask for best Farm/Bossing arch ranger path.. I don't know which better: elf or human. Help me please! Greeting!
  14. BurnIt

    Farm AR :)

    I think full str human ar: path Ruffian>archer>th>ar. But im not sure D:
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