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  1. Awe Thanks I play pretty leisurely right now Thank you Thank you There's my fav staff, how've ya been Sera I haveno idea who you are and I dont have an 8% cinqueda :huh:
  2. Most of you know me, maybe.....idk I'm Tyler >.> I'm 19 I've played CL for a long while and quit time and time again but can never fully stay away ever I'm not a newb just broke Ugh yea so any english player still alive and around? Creating a new Account and char soon enough i will update with my ign later. Edit : Ign: xAlluring
  3. Losing weight and eating less :3
  4. xAlluring

    Update ?

  5. Welcome:D feel free to message me if you need any help i could offer.
  6. xAlluring

    Now Playing???

    Payphone- Crown The Empire <3
  7. xAlluring

    Update ?

    Job passives are the least of my worries, Many Paths will be the same do to the Skills. I just want ALL skills DW for BT (besides SB obviously)
  8. Ipod dying in school with no charger ;-;
  9. When my hair looks cute at school <3
  10. Having to wait til next week to PD ;-;
  11. Is your Critical Damage dependent on how much Critical Rate you have? Or is it dependent on something completely different.
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