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  1. Yay! It's working n_n~! Thanks a bunch Orange:)
  2. Hey! I'm posting this new topic because, I can't seem to log-in to the game at all. Like when I start the game, it works perfectly fine, and I'm able to select the server too, but then after that, this appears. https://31.media.tumblr.com/9998b21e124d0861e772a6168a77c47a/tumblr_n0zpviGsSB1r8xdcto1_1280.png Please do help me if you can:) would appreciate it!
  3. BigPoppa

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    Aw, such an cutie <3
  4. BigPoppa

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    Maribel is mine boys, sorry!:)
  5. Nice to meet yah! i'm from finlandooo too ! *high fives*

  6. BigPoppa

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    Haha! Hey der, call me Jin please:')
  7. BigPoppa

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    Hihi guys, this is me chillin' at a cafe bar ^___^'' sorry If It's small T_T~
  8. Hello! I'm Jin and I'm 16 years old from Finland, nice to meet yall!:)

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