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  1. my war point of view of soul arbiter. it beats cardinal and most classes atleast in a 1vs1. if you cant get them 1vs1 you might have a bad time if not edit that is. but once they died once you should be good to go 1vs1 or not. in most cases though you should win in general.
  2. Retaliate

    Stat Calculation

    dang kinda felt it was that..had to make sure though thanks.
  3. Retaliate

    Stat Calculation

    so i looked at medusa today. is it just me or medusa gives 840 or so minus hp instead of 712? [i have 8712 hp without medusa, but with it i have 7877] and no idea if the 4% magical attack is giving the correct %. it probably is though..
  4. Retaliate

    Stat Calculation

    I don't know if risk taker was changed to be perm [always on] or not but your damage dont go up if your hp drop. battle cry and battle shout and an few other skills gives wrong %s [battle cry is 1%] [battle shout is 5%] [burning rage is 20%] [warrior form is 20%] [solid weapon is 15%] neither gives their right %. bet passives are wrong %s aswell but I don't have gold to waste so can't test it [this for destroyer]. its not a skill but bwl is not doing full 10% its more like 8-9%
  5. criticzing is helping so..insulting is helping cool idk who raise you but they did a poor job..but its cool i know you just mad cause kr destroys your guild and cause I dont want to bother chatting about something that may never happen due to tests seem rather pointless and stupid to go on about it cause also as stated I'm never agreeing with you never so its a pointless cycle if you into that good for you? if it makes u feel better i can type like this insteadanddonospacesandmakeitharderforyoubruh
  6. actually she said it different now so its not the same that we'll actually be able to test it US THE PLAYERS normally its just the gms that get to test it not the players. so go from the game to talking about how I type how immature are you?
  7. topic already over orange already said whats gonna happen. and we all got different experience so i'll never agree with you vice versa. and if you cant read what I type then dont reply to it? simple man. but I'll reply to 1 thing I readed abit ''war'' you didnt read I guess answer here [ its team play] that means its not just your character its more than 1.
  8. thats a smart idea to be honest lol. mostly cause we get to test it and not just see a paper about it since it may be better than how it sounds..I like this 1 lol
  9. I would say the luna that carries theses plans but i rather not get ban over advertsing but just know the current luna plus has theses ideas already ingame and that server lost its water noone plays it its dry. aka dot depend on m atk phy atk, aka nerf dmg to all, high hp to vit, theres no contradiction this is from my experience as once a cardinal ''stun lock by cardi'' what? lol I dont think 2 low stuns[together 4secs] with high cd[7.2 secs] HT cd[9.2secs...yeah man ''quick'' lol....] is consider stunlock dont even say ''they can sleep you'' when you said it takes no effort. you need some real good timing to sleep them before ht fully wears off cause by time it does they would been already got close and stunlock you[unless 0 ms]. also my destroyer can easy stunlock any mage[if not edit and same level or close around] and kill them so the only thing holds a phy char back would be level gap. and im not a edit user and how is cardinal your ''main'' when all you use it for is to support reforget?how is a char u use to support reforget consider your main? wow ok anyways, why you bringing up war? war is based on TEAM PLAY. Im talking 1on1 pvp not duels who cares about duels? everyone is baised at some point and as I stated im not a mage main I use mage yeah I use fighter too and none are my main specially with theses updates that MIGHT happen. also rune impact may say 70% but we all know its success rate is 99% 1% chance of fail from my experience, with this skill max or near max not lv1. but man you really making mage sound like some untouchable char basically a super saiyan that need to become a krillin and every other char is krillin. either way only reason I defend mage cause 2 reasons my experience and many people I know that will quit if this nerf happens. the nerf wont effect me if I DID main a mage I would simply just switch to fighter or rogue since they'll actually be able to do dmg without edits and kill everything. while mage? be a free kill lol 5-6k hp mages with 20k m atk easy targets unless edit. as for edits more easy fix is allow them be sellable for gold. maybe then we normals can become super saiyans too for once. by this I just mean you cant be perm ban for this..but then again players will want like 500b even though max it should be is 150-200b or so. also chethe lol what? I think you fight too many edit cardis. so what im seeing is from new posts ''make cardinal into rune master'' I mean go for it? I guess.
  10. correction INT and MAGIC ATTACK effects healing. far as I seen it scales like this ''10k m attack=1k fast heal'' etc
  11. too late to nerf edits, players that went edit will just quit if they see their edits stats decrease or vanish. even if you gave them pd items since all they wanted was high hp or dmg or def etc and not pd item but yeah..maybe make a poll see what they think but I think most wont be happy. just saying
  12. I think you only want dots nerf to that extend because as a edit tank only cardinal can beat you without a healer of course. besides that I mention luna plus because this game is going in that direction slowly if you ever even played it you'll know that. you claim rogue and fighter dont have that ability but are you sure your a tank? both rogue and fighter specially magnus and tm can stun lock and dot you till your dead and yes by stun lock i mean u'll never be unstun untill you hit the floor. dont try make mage seem almighty its not the only class with unfair abilitys hell a magnus alone with just rune impact can keep you stun till you die even if hes hitting 300 dmg each time. theres a reason why theres more phy chars in the game than magic.
  13. if its done that way might aswell delete holy taker and give something different. in luna plus theres no set limit on its damage tick long as your magic attack high enough it'll keep going up. thats something I kinda forgot but yeah still think nerf not needed unless they unnerf magic attack.
  14. I forgot about this part of it high int edit mage 50k m atk yeah rip lool
  15. this is false if you run into a edit and you arent edit yourself let alone have stun lock and dot skills then you'll never win or kill them ever. just picture how more bad it'll get once dot get nerf you wont be able to defend yourself even a little even with stun lock because dot will depend on players ''def/lvl'' and this a 1on1 point of view or 1vs10 [that ''1'' being the non edit] guy.
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