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  1. well wat kind of rogue are u? .... well for me .. Str and Eva are the best ... soo :P
  2. lol, not in my case kinda .... without buffs... i still have like 600 crit and my dmg is the same so... its still one hit crit XP
  3. umm nope xP .... i did usually focused on my buffs.... for me, i maxed hunter blast, hunter smoke, shield boom, and casting.. and i think my illusion is lvl 17 only ... so its 75%
  4. ^ for the comment on top of me, yes, in fact, i am full str and my armors full str... personally, as i said on my last comment... that for me, my evasion didnt matter... But its really up to u! ... if u can.. try to focus ur stats on one build... and the rest make items and stuff :)
  5. I'm pure TM ... with high crit and str clothing .... if i hit monsters its usually 45k~50 usually, and if i duel, i hit 16k ... to the non evasion people :P
  6. can i ask for OP's p.attack dmg ? im just curious XD
  7. i would say STR TM is the best .... as of me, im a lvl 108 TM with a dmg of 5.8k and a crit of 1k ..... its really rare for me to find people with high evasions .... i only dueled 2 people which had a high eva so .... i woulndt mind about my eva so much
  8. hi there.... im a lvl 107 TM, str build.. i have 5.5k p.attck with 1k crit dmg ... i got a good philoed chiv, 1 hathor and skhemet +7s with good str.. but my earings suck .... what earings should i wear? and are my rings good>
  9. TMs gunna win first lol :) cuz TMS FTW!
  10. Canada FTW

    TM help XD

    Wolf... would it be better if i maxed mastery first before the skills ? And if i did dual wield.. what daggers should i use?
  11. Canada FTW

    TM help XD

    hey guysssss :o! umm im lvl 100 and im almost gunna b a TM ... (oh and why do people say TemperMaster if in gpotato it says TemplarMaster) ... anyways ... uhhhh ... can anyone specifically tell me the skills i should max... i want to be a dual wield TM js...
  12. hello there, as u noticed ... i failed AGAIN .. at making a rouge x.x ... i wanted to make a BT by the time a reached lvl 105 .. but then i noticed something. I was an elf ... lol xD ... ANYWAYS life goes on .. such and such.... well the path that i chose was Rogue> archer > treasure hunter > TM (not sure) ... is it the best path for me to choose TM? or no ... please comment .. i really need help from experts out there... and umm im a Full dex.. my dex at 98 is atm 1230 .. with costumes and all... ohhh and can anyone give me some points on why TM is good. cuz i really am losing hope in playing a rogue XP...
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