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  1. Idk if its a bug or not, so..... sorry. So here i want to open a vending booth a few minutes ago, and then putting price for the items as usual. When i want to move my Beauty Salon Coupon to the vending booth, i accidentaly double click it, and my character is changed to standing position (as usual when you use the salon coupon). And then ofc i cancel it. But my character is still standing, and even able to walk around even tho the vending booth menu/window and the tag above the characters head is still there. My point is, the booth still active/working even tho im walking around. I want to try to use portal or teleportation scroll to see if i can move to other maps with the booth still active, but nope, im afraid to lose my items so i just cancel my booth. x'D
  2. Tried. the portal still doesnt work
  3. But, its not only me. My friends (well.. in-game friends) also experience the same thing. ill still try to repacth, but idk how . is it the same as reinstalling?
  4. Thats mean we are the same lol
  5. Well, got a little bit of problem here . I dont know why, but i cant even access Sahel EDIT: i only cant access them through the gate/portal (both from nera harbor to sahel & sahel to nera), but i can access them through the teleportation scroll
  6. thats what im missing lol haha. well i started a new account already but men its hard playing alone, coz none of my friend (in real life) want to play anymore x'D
  7. Wait what...? Haaaaaaaooow... I want my hacked account back too, i dont care even if its naked x'D Well, i lost almost every memory/info of that account tho... :')
  8. Hey i remember you! Glad to see you back! :3 Just got back here myself, 3 days ago
  9. Ouh you are right! i think i forgot about the game more than i thought lol. so.. how about the stacking pet skill? sorry if i ask to many question on my firts 2 day already --"
  10. Thankyou! well.. actually when i tried playing last night i notice something, is pet (not the one from gem store. but a normal floating pet) skill can only buff the pet now? tried clicking my name and then click the pet but the buff is still going to the pet... also is adding multiple of the same pet skill are still stack now? they are stack before, like put 3 of lvl 1 skill will give the same effect of lvl 3 skill, put 3 of lvl 2 skill will give the same effect of lvl 6 skill, etc. sorry i dont have much gold to test that out, because im starting with a new account... :(
  11. tried. but it still only show 1 quoted post.. :(
  12. permisi para sepuh, mau tanya soal skill dari pet dong. skill buff dari pet cuma bisa nge-buff pet doang ya? trus lvl dari skill pet stack ga, misal make 6 great heal di tiap slot, apakah jumlah total heal nya bakal nambah?
  13. Hell... people still abuse the voting system wtf...! well thats to bad.. got 300++ point on my account, i keep voting even tho im not playing. not like i can retrieve my ccount anyway lol . And about TM skills, well thats a great news!! You cant use daggers skill while in dual wielding before, but can use shield boomerang instead lol (and its hard to get re-skill now that gold point is removed) Also, your name is somehow familiar... Thanks!!! look forward to having fun again!! sorry for double post... i dont understand how to multiquote lol x'D
  14. Hello, i just returning to the game after more than 5 years of retirement, im downloading the game as im writing this. Well the names Adlyn, idk how to introduce myself properly as i ususally itroducing myself using my in-game name haha. So umm... the appearance of the official game website and this forum has changed, so im kinda confused lol. And, i got a few question.. - Is the "vote" feature from the site got removed? Cant see it anywhere :( - Is there a way to retrieve an old account? But i only remember the name of the character, not the username lol. - Is Temper Master's daggers skill beem fixed already? lol. They cant be used when i still playing. Its my favourite class too x'D I think thats it for now, please guide me again guys, thanks! :)
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