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  1. Hi Admin,GM and Mod, I just want to report error when I choose the channel the game client crashed. I already tried to teleport my character in your webpage but still nothing happens. Appreciate if you can help me. IGN: MrSilence Username: nako019 If you need other details please let me know. Thank you. Cheer!
  2. nako019

    Black Screen

    Hi To all I just came back to CL after a year of idle. and I'm just wondering why I get this error. GM please help me. I'm CL player for 4 yrs and I need to retrieve my character and Items. Below are my the details. Username: nako019 IGN: MrSilence Thank you and more power
  3. Sorry for posting again this topic.I posted this topic last Dec 30 2013, I know this is annoying but unfortunately its still not yet resolve. When I log in the character still got the same error. There is a private messages from Orange but the last time Orange contacted me was Jan 03, and I haven't receive any feedback. My ID: nako019 IGN: MrSilence. LVL: 126 Thank you in advance for any admin who will help me to resolve this.
  4. To ALL GM and Administrator of CL, I been posting this for another time. This is already addressed though PM with Admin Orange but I get no response on when it will be fix or maybe not. I need to know if you can fix or not....GIVE SOME TIME TO FIX IT. thank you!! ID:nako019 IGN: MrSilence
  5. I did that also... I teleported in all maps but still same issue!! I hope Admin/GM can fix this. I think a lot of player experience this error. Thanks in advance.
  6. I don't think its in patch. My other accounts and character are just fine. I just don't know why this is happening in my 1 character.
  7. I been playing CL since 2010 and my other characters are fine in the same ID. there is no antivirus on my machine and I just installed the fresh copy of CL installer.
  8. Any update??? I been waiting since morning for the feedback on why I cant log in my character.. Any GM please if you have spare time check it..
  9. hello GM's. Here is my ID and IGN ID:nako019 IGN: MrSilence .. Please check my account. I got the error after I select my character. Thank you
  10. For the Admins who can help me. ID: nako019 IGN: MrSilence I appreciate the positive feedback in my post Thank you to all who will help me.
  11. Hi Zohor Yes I think so. I will wait for Orange Feedback for this. I appreciate Admins quick feedback. Hope to play my CL Character again.
  12. Hi Admin Juicy I'm very sorry I'm newbie in this forum. My username is nako019 and my character name is MrSilence. I tried to use the teleport in the website but still I get receive the same error. Please help me to get back my character. Thank you.
  13. When I select my character I get this error. Please help me GM's Thank you so much!!!
  14. Thanks for your reply I will post another picture.. thank you for giving the link. I will post my issue later. Thank you.
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