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  1. Umi

    Hello, ive actually just rejoined the game after a fairly long break. Im still trying to get back into the swing of things. Due to some complications, I couldnt retrieve my old account, so im starting fresh. I plan on being very active and what better way to better the celestia experience than to have friends to talk to while you grind up in levels. So, I would like to possibly apply for a position in your guild^~^ as long as you have room of course

  2. Thank you all for responding to my post^~^ All of your answers have been very informative. I ended up going 1h mangus. Im liking it so far. Rocking that chicken costume =>
  3. Hmm. Your signatures and Avatars.. That style >.> You remind me of an old graphic artist that used to play celestia luna back in 2010-2011. I cant remember the name, but it was like Yukitosomething. I know that's wrong, but I remember it starting with a Y. I'd recognize that style anywhere. It's what sparked my interest and led me to create my own shop on forum for a a game called TDP4:Team Battle. Infact, Yuki made the avater that im currently using. Granted, it's all pixelated  because of the new forum dealio. But yeah. Just wanting to know if it was you or not o-o

    1. Faithfully


      Heyo it was YukkioValkyrie and it's not me.

    2. honeyMOONx3


      sis, its me kenji, msg me as soon as possible i need talk u thanks!

  4. Hello, before I start off this topic, i'd also like to introduce myself. Dont be deceived, I am a male going on 21. It's been about 6 going on 7 years since i've last played. As of right now, I dont technically have an ingame name. I used to play as a Magnus but due to some issues, I cannot retrieve my account. (The email was deactivate for being inactive for a long period of time) Throughout the last couple days, I have a I've been scrolling through most of the topics and post to see what all's happened during that break. So just know, that I have explored and searched. The questions that I do have, they've probably been asked, but they're still a bit blurry to me. <= also, above my forum name it says "I am the one" can I change that? I dont know what I was thinking 6 1/2 years ago, but that sounds ridiculous So first off, What are the Pros and Cons of a shield and sword Magnus vs a Paladin. I see that the skills were fixed and the sonic boom attacks are no longer compatible with 2 handed axes. How does that affect Magnus as a whole. (the next couple questions will basically be riding off this one, bare with me. I know that 2h axe magnus was fairly decent. But now that they either have to go 2h sword, dual, or 1h and shield, how do they compare to classes like SM. What are you takes on 2h swords vs SM and what are the pros and cons when comparing a DW Magnus and DW SM It's been along time since i've played, so im pretty lost on stats and everything. For end game pvp, about how much dex and strike are needed if you become a 1h magnus or paladin and how does a shielded Magnus compare to that of a 2h destroyer or 2h mangus. Also (I know it's never ending. Im sorry) do you split your p.a with vit? This is for end game pvp or course. This is my last question. I see that donation armors are a thing and I wont lie, i've been looking into it. Although, are they usable? I see that there were some topics stating that the use of pd players vs non pd players is a real problem. Would it be best to have a set of each, or how is that looking? I do apologize for all of these questions, but I am very thankful for whatever responses I receive. I have seen alot of similar questions in other posts, but im just restating them in hope to understand a bit better. Thank you Edit: Thank you Antoni77
  5. Umi

    Item pricing

    Hello, it's been quite a long time since i've played Luna. I mainly just wanted to know the pricing of some of better uber items, and possible the bwl. Also, where pukes brought back as a currency, or no?
  6. Umi

    Recover Account

    Well looks like ive wound up back here on the good ol' celestia luna game I used to love so dear. Im trying to get on, im a bit anxious to see whats all changed and who all still plays that I remember. I quit playing during 2011 sometime, I can remember my username, but all attempts at my password have been a solid fail. My main character was x Natsumi x, a level 127 Mangus. She is pretty much naked as I gave away everything when I left. I also believe that I have a level 1ish cardinal that I used to PK with. Errrm. Oh yeah, uhm I had a Templar master (I cant remember the class name, but it was a rough class that focused on the shield throw) I think 107. I also have a 107 destroyer.. That's about all I can remember. I can give a ton more info, but i want to make sure this is possible before I go on. I also have plenty of all screen shots on my photobucket account. Ill gladly dig those up if it means retrieving my old lonely account. Thank you(=
  7. Umi

    All guides (ABC order

    Also if u think i should add a guide thats not on this please post or msg me
  8. A Acronyms [Guide] akcents grand master guide AR [guide] B Balancing your mana Banlist Blade taker [guide] Boss locations Brief Description of Jobs C Char got hacked? cant log in? look here Costume sets Cruz's INT/VIT necro guide [Human only] Cruz's int soul arbiter guide [elf] Current staff D blupbups Destroyer guide Dungeon dating E Elven Panzer Guide Entrapper [Guide] Equip Set lvl 1-59 Equip Set lvl 60-105 Equip set lvl 1-105 [Robe] F Frequently asked questions,facts,etc G H Having problem when logging in how to creat a guild emblem how to not get scammed Human archranger guide (original) I J Job change NPC [Guide] Job Tree K Kais critical mage path L Legal and illegal Logo guides (Guild/Union) Lucky box 77 drops [Guide] M Magic powder Magical Experience [Guide] Mario's destroyer guide Magnus guide (1 hand/ 2 hand/ dual wield/ Int type) Magnus Guide [Fighter] Magnus guide [fires] Mheena's painful Cardi guide My beastly paladin guide N Need some guild names Newbie Guide No most spam O old droplist P Penalty Char for dual wield master Pet guide Philo [Guide] Premium coupon [Guide] Q R Race of Job choosing reinforcement Reported collection Required p.def and Eva [Guide] Rouge Equipment guide Rules S Serene's Obscene GM (Grand master) guide Sniper [Guide] Static's destroyer guide Sword master [Guide] T Temper master [guide] The last arbitrers destroyer guide Things worth having in this game Tips for new players To all you people who are about to spam about why your character is banned U V W Wonderer [guide] X xBearBrandsx's entrapper guide Y Your banned days are finished, but stil banned Z Ill add color later. Also if i didnt add your guide tell me.
  9. -pats iru's head-

    chu meh special lil buddy ;3

  10. Umi

    farming class

    In farming, all the classes are the same, In equips..I would say rogue because they can stil bleed with or without good equips.
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