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✖ If you play it right
✖ You Will get a perfect melody

I was a knight in Luna online. When Luna Plus came along. I forever quit it.
2010 or 2011 i dont remember.. Celestia luna came along.. started from scratch.. no begging, no multivoting, no money. Itemshop didnt came along that time. Only 3 channels exist. Just truly craft my armor, my boots, weapons. There was no people selling imba items. We cant grind at nera harbor. Too hard. So just imagine how players get gold. waiting n waiting. Everyone was selling craft items. I only wear npc earrings and rings. Helmets were the only thing i purchase from ppl. But that time. Everyone was like me. We pvp in harmony. No racist. It was truly fair unlike now. Donaters are rulling. Edits make it impossible. Imba items everywhere. I quit before the wipe. The next day after 3k people was online. The highest recorded numbers of players online. Actually i started to quit because i cant enter alker harbor. 2012 i started playing again. This time a mage. Put a weird name Exveint or something. Make it into a cardi. Then i found Nad, iderk, Hotoru. The topguns at that time. Man i hate this guy name FrenchFried or FrenchFries? i dont remember. He always bullies me. Grrr -_- i wasnt strong at that time. i was just an ordinary noob player. Join an awesome friendly guild called limited. Lots of guilds events. Make new char Lellmani / Lellmanii / Lellmaniii . Then i join Lawless the 2nd generation of limited. I still remember that happy times because i was young and i tend to cherrich everything i experience when i was young. 2013 The people i met started dissapearing. So at the end of 2013 i plan to quit. 2014 during the month of august started playing again. I got bored. All my friends werent online. But some are. Talk to them for hours with Gm present. Gm laurell was no where to be seen. I was really alone that time. So i just grind to find gold to buy items for my destro.. and so.. Hidatte the destroyer was born.. 4th generation(Hidatte). I went to channel 9 :/ old base of showdown. AND walla.... found new friends <3 Yana, Aty, Mat, Asyraf, Hani.. haha.. The Edventure Of Hidatte begins..
Limited2012(peace) X Lawless2013(peace) X KaskusReborn2013(epic war) Lingerie2013(epic war)
X Serena2014(peace) X Showdown2014(peace) X NoMercy2014(lazy) X MadWorld2014(lazy) 
X FinestPH2014(lazy) X Serena2014(lazy) X ViralZone2015(war) X xXSacredXx2015(epic war) 
X LunatiQ2015 X DevilZone2015(war)

And so the titans guilds clash on

Luna is my childhood game.



Hidatte serve as a level 130 Destroyer tackling Higher level apponents including edits during wars and have gotten a black name in many guilds and pvp maps due to frequent war. Following Emeiyana in wars and having my Loyalty towards 3 guilds (Serena, Madworld, Lingerie) and the LoseNoCryUnion which led by Nuiichiro against the powerful RockStar union which in the end i respected after many wars. The lovable guild Limited, although no more was my first guild in Luna. That guild which happen to have 20+ legendary players of that time became my first guild. *LOL*. To be honest i hate edits but because of them my story became more interesting, Its like trying to take down Demi Gods.



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