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  1. MAFUERZA, pasali naman pinoy guild. kakabalik lang
  2. Go for dex to achieve enough eva easily for leveling. Crit dmg is based on ur dex so you'll still going to have good dmg. Dex increase your crit dmg, eva, strike, crit. Rein ur eqps either str or dex. For boots use eva. Go search BT guides theres alot of them in here.
  3. imnoellim

    lag and delay?

    uu mga 2seconds delay..nde ko rin matake..hahaha..ayos din pg sa ibang games. hahaha.
  4. imnoellim

    lag and delay?

    ang delay ko pa rin..1week na..ok namn connection ko. anyone experiencing the same?
  5. imnoellim

    lag and delay?

    Ako rin..i've been experiencing delays this past few days til now. x.x
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