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  1. this, 10dex adds 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2 <-- 15 crit rate
  2. For me 10dex = 15critical rate = 1% crit damage
  3. I Just want to greet you a Happy Birthday Mr.Reid if im not mistaken :D more birthdays to come :D
  4. destruct Aquamarine so that you can use ur turn undead , much better if u make a lot .
  5. I'm wondering , why they should change the costume effects in upcoming update .-. for me its enough to fix some ingame bugs , then add new features like lvl 120 weapons and armors (including the icon for lvl.115 and 120) + the new map and also the new costume like orange signature. Please can u explain to me why? .-. thanks ms. orange .
  6. GM's please reply to this topic . thanks <3
  7. they will easily dupe pukes i think .-.
  8. what shoud i use? worm bait, paste bait, or shrimp bait? thanks in advance.
  9. i want to ask if 20% scroll 30d is legal or not? thanks in advance.
  10. Password

    Best For Bt??

    DS weapon and DS log same output dmg .
  11. Whats the big deal if i chose Swordsman than Infantryman? Sorry for the noob question :) but please no bad comments . thank you !
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