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  1. HERE is the link for Penalty Chart. Hope it will help :D source: http://lunaforum.letsmmo.com/
  2. Maybe THIS will help :D
  3. Cardi? Newbies don't usually choose that. Well, its up to the player what he/she wants to play. Coz when I was new here in CL I choose BT as my 1st character and I lvl it fast and farm coz I can 1 hit mobs in Naila Harbor
  4. Hmm in that case, I think newbies won't care much on PvP and GW. I think all they want is to lvl fast and change to tier 4 class and grind at Naila Harbor. And about stun lock matter, Blunt Shield works even you don't have shield right? Thanks for the correction :) I added the crit rate on my guide :D
  5. Soo how do I start? Hmm.. I played Magnus for quite some time now so I'am going to show you how I prefer to play a Magnus. Introduction: I think Magnus are one of the most balanced character in Luna. It has good Def and P.Atk. It can wield 1-hand sword/axe/mace, 2-hand sword/axe/mace and Dual 1-hand sword/axe/mace. Swords, maces and axes have the same P.Atk. the only difference is that there is a specific skill that diffirenciate the three weapons. If you use sword you can learn the skill "Sword Rapidity that increases your Atk.Speed. If you use axe you can learn the skill "Axe Mortality" that increases your Critical Damage and Crit Chance. While when you use mace you can learn the skill "Mace Protection" that increases your Physical Defense. Personally I'am using AXE because it looks cool on my character :D and of course because of the additional critical damage via "Axe Mortality". But its your choice if you don't like axe. Its your freewill to choose from the three weapon types. If you are going to follow this guide, you need to use 2-hand weapon sword/axe/mace (but as I said earlier, I prefer Axe) The race you need to choose is: ELF The path I suggest is: Fighter>Warrior>Swordsman>Knight>Magnus Some may say that "why choose Swordsman, while InfantryMan has Heavy Armor Expertise and Swordsman doesn't" I'll say that it's so boring to train with InfantryMan coz you don't have AOE skills. Well, don't worry about the Heavy Armor Expertise, you can have that skill when you become a Knight. Note: (*) stands for the skill you get for a certain class that is important Okay let's start! Lvl 1-20 [Fighter] Place to lvl: The Gate of Alker[1-15], Tarintus or Zakandia[15-20] Note: At the start, you have 4 boxes at your inventory(I) you can use it at lvls 5, 10, 15 and 20. Don't forget to double click it when your reach the four levels Skills: Offensive: UpperCut[Max][2handed Weapons Only] Passives: Axe Training[Max] EnhancedHP[Max] Buffs: Fighter's Heart[Max] Gears: ANY 2-hand Weapon and Heavy Armors you can loot from the mobs you kill. You don't need to be conscious about your gears at this time. You just need to reach lvl 20 :D When you are lvl 20 its change class time! Go to talk to Wiff(Knight's Party) at Alker Harbor and choose the job "Warrior". Note: after you change job, don't forget to buy some gears "lvl 20" at Zank(Blacksmith) for 2-hand Weapons, Boucheron(Armor Merchant) for Heavy Armor, Glove and Boots and Tasartia(Materials Merchant) for "Ups" Potion, Exp Scroll 20% and Exp Protection Scroll. For those who don't know the so called "Ups Potion", just talk to Tasartia then click "Trading" then click the "3" on the top of the pop-up window then buy 10 each of the following: Phys Atk Power 20%, Movement 20%, Phys def 20%, Mag Def 20%, MP cost, Max HP, and Max MP. Lvl 20-40 [Warrior] Place to lvl: Moon Blind Forest[20-30], Moon Blind Swamp[30-40] Skills: Offensive: UpperCut[Max][2-hand Weps Only] CrashBlow[Max][2-hand Weps Only] *WheelWind[Keep it to Lvl. 1][AOE][2-hand Weps Only] Passives: Axe Training[Max] Two Handed Training[Max] Axe Mortality[Max] *Risk Taker[Max][in order for the skill to take effect, you just need to reconnect then DONE ] Buffs: Fighter's Heart[Max] Warrior's Form[Max] Gears: Just buy your stuffs at Zakandia. Drocus[Armor Merchant] for Heavy Armor, Glove and Boots. Levert[blackSmith] for 2hand Weapons. If you are finding hard to lvl just enchant your Items up to +7. Go to Alker Harbor then talk to Tasartia then click the "3" on the pop-up window. Buy Enchant Protection Scrolls (its up to your lvl to which you will buy, there are for lvls 1-39, 40-79, 80-119, 120-149 and 150+. You also need to purchase Enchant Scrolls Weapon for Weps and Enchant Scrolls Armor for Armors When you reach lvl 40 its change class time! Go to Alker Harbor and talk to Wiff again and choose Swordsman class. Lvl 40-75[swordsMan] Note: Your Phys.Def is a little bit lower so you will be needing HP potions and MP potions. But! Your Phys Attack is good thats why you just need to cast 2-3 skills for each lured mobs. I say "lured mobs" because you will be using AOE skills from now on Place to lvl: The way to Howling Ravine[40-52], Mont Blanc Port[52-61], Solo Dungeon Date or DD is the best way to lvl from 61 onwards. Because if you DD solo from lvl 61 after you finished the 10 DD you will be lvl 80++. I really mean 80++ thats why you can change job fast! Skills: Offensive: *Uppercut that evolves to "EarthQuake"[Max] Crash Blow the evolves to "Burning Crash"[Max] *Sword Storm[Keep it to Lvl 1] Sonic Boom[keep it to lvl 1 for now :D] Passives: Sword Accuracy[Max] Two Handed Training[Max] Heavy Weapon Accuracy[Max] Axe Mortality[Max] Axe Training[Max] Gears: If your gears are for lvl 40 don't mind changing it until lvl 61. When you are lvl 61 you can buy your gears at Naila Village or you can hunt for these items if you want higher stats: Song of Tribe's Hero (Level 60) Components: Troll Hero's Armor Defense: 96 STR +5 DEX +2 VIT +6 HP +43 MP +22 Drop: Troll Guard (Level 74!) Ogre Hero's Gauntlet Defense: 21 STR +3 DEX +3 MP +31 Drop: Ogre Warrior (Level 68!) Cyclops Hero's Boots Defense: 23 DEX +3 HP +57 MP +31 Drop: Cyclops Giant Hero's Helmet Defense: 20 Drop: Giant Wanderer Song of the Warrior Attack Power 89 / Magic Attack 54 DEX +5 VIT +12 HP +31 Drop: Laito (Boss) Set Bonuses: [2 Items] VIT +12 Physical Defense +8% [4 Items] Skill: [shield Protection Rate +10%] +1 [Full Set] HP Recovery +6 MP Recovery +5 When you reach lvl 75 its change class time! Go to Red Orc Outpost and Talk to Heromech and choose Knight class. Lvl 75-105 [Knight] Note: as I said earlier its better to lvl by solo DD. So now DD is just a piece of cake for you because you have Heavy Armor Expertise :D Skills: Offensive: Continue to max the skills at the earlier stages coz there is no additional offensive skill here on knight :D Passives: *Heavy Armor Expertise[Max] Axe Mortality[Max] Axe Training[Max] Buffs: *Solid Weapon[max] Blessing Guard[max] Armor Synchro[max] Gears: Phoenix Plate Set (Level 75, Craftable) or (just buy at Naila Village) Components: Phoenix Plate(Enchant it to +7)(Reinforce it with at least 23 str or vit) Defense: 136 Phoenix Gauntlet(Enchant it to +7)(Reinforce it with at least 23 str or vit) Defense: 28 Phoenix Boots(Enchant it to +7)(Reinforce it with at least 23 vit) Defense: 31 Note: Some will say "Why not Berserker or Seven Guardian?" Its simply because this guide is also to be gold efficient. You don't need to spend much on early levels :D For Weapon just buy lvl 75 or 80 Sword/Axe/Mace And enchant it to +7 and have it reinforced with Phys Atk at least 18 :D or If you have problems in lvling in DD coz of lack of damage I would suggest that you buy Kimballs Axe. Note: You can survive with Phoenix Gears until lvl 105. why? because you are just lvling at DD. But if you wish to train outside DD you need to craft or buy items that are for lvl 90 or 95. After I think 6 sets of 10 times solo DD a day, you will reach lvl 105. And its change class TIME! Go to Naila Village and Talk to Cindamook for the quest Lvl 105-Onwards [Magnus] Note: others say that you need skill reset after Magnus but, for me NO. Before you change class to Magnus you have about 300+ Skill points so whats the point of skill reset? It's just waste of money. Skills: Offensive: EarthQuake[Keep it to lvl 19 coz after lvl 19 it will be bugged T.T] Rune Impact[Keep it to lvl 15][You can max this after lvl 105, coz you need to save SP for the good Buffs of Magnus :D] Sonic Boom[Keept it to lvl 21 or it will be bugged] Double Sonic Boom[Max this after lvl 105][its only needed for GW] Passives: EnhancedHP[Max] Two Hand Training[Max] Buffs: *Rampage Aura[Max] *Shield Aura[Max] *Accuracy Aura[Max] *Protection Aura[Max useful in GW] Nature Shield[Max if you have extra SP] Nature Mind[Max if you have extra SP] Gears: Note: Now you need some money to spend. Coz we are talking about the real deal here. You will be using gears that you are using for a long time :D Armors: Holy Iron Chain Knight's Plate Armor(+12/+7 Enchant)(At least 30 str Rein)(At least 11++ Str or Vit Philo)(At least 35+ vit craft or 20+ str craft) Defense: 232 VIT +20 WIS +9 Sketch Only (Sketch Drops from Austere Grand Master (Boss), Wild Dementor, Tombstone, Skeleton Conjurer, Trentree) Holy Iron Chain Knight's Power Gauntlet(+12/+7 Enchant)(At least 30 str Rein)(At least 11++ Str or Vit Philo) Defense: 53 DEX +5 VIT +11 Drop: Rose Hair, Maggot Paul Holy Iron Chain Knight's Plate Boots(+12/+7 Enchant)(Max Rein with 25 vit)(At least 11++ Str or Vit Philo) Defense: 57 STR +10 Drop: Mantis Set Bonuses: [2 Items] HP Recovery +16 Physical Hit Rate +11 Move Speed +21 [Full Set] Physical Attack +5% Magic Attack +5% VIT +24 Weapon: Golden Axe(+12/+7 Enchant)(At least 28 Phys Attack Rein)(At least 15++ Str or Vit Philo) [You can obtain this from 1 eyed wookis at naila harbor] Helmet: Kynee(+12/+7 Enchant)(At least 30++ Dex Rein)(At least 15++ Str or vit Philo) [Also From 1 eyed wookis] Necklace: Chivalry or Necklace of the Living Body(At least 600++ HP Rein)(At least 15++ str or vit philo)(You can enchant this if you want) Belt: T.Belt(weapon Master/Strenght) or Eros Belt Rings and Earings: 2 Hathors(at least 18++ HP recovery rein)(at least 15++ str or vit philo)(you can enchant this if you want) 2 Flickering(at least 10++ str or vit philo)(you can enchant this if you want) Costumes and other accessory: Bachelor's Hat Phys Atk or Jack Oh Lantern BWL(if you can afford it) or any +15% HP, MP and Move speed 1 set effect Body Costume Chibi or Toothbrush or Panda glove Shini or Panda boots Sunflower Phixus or KOD or Legend Cape Green Lizard or Crit Slime Hmm About Skill Combo in PvP or GW? I'd say ITS UP TO YOU! Because maybe my fighting style won't fit yours coz everyone has their own kind of fighting style :D Now you have your very own MAGNUS! Hope this guide will help! If there are any correction/mistakes I made kindly approach me and I will correct it immediatly!
  6. hmm maybe THIS will help :)
  7. G. Boots with 30+ Dex/Eva Rein? you can only rein G.Boots up to 25 and eva up to 12. The boots is not a rare item so you won't be needing high quality stones o.o
  8. Oh sorry for my mistake, my pdef was lowered not by the dual wield skill but because I wore another dagger instead of a shield XD
  9. Don't be discouraged because you have low eva, crit chance and pdef. you will be able to make a lot of difference when you reach a higher level with BT. I, myself was also discouraged when I changed to BT and put on the dual wield skill because my crit %, eva and pdef were lowered -.- but my patk was BOOM! it was increased massively. You just need to lvl and the penalty is gone :D And About the difference about BT and TM better put your faith to HackHaseo :D :D
  10. Please post a guide about the EQs of BT and it's required or advisable rein and philo stats. Thanks!! :D
  11. huh? why human only? how can you change job to rune walker or scout if you are a human? rune walkers and scouts are for elves only....You will only confuse the newbies for posting that -.-
  12. Please post a guide on equips and the required or advisable rein and philo stats thanks :)
  13. Thanks for that :) Its clearer to me now :D Can I ask one more thing? what do you suggest for philo and rein :D
  14. hmmm... I'm just a little bit confused about Blade Takers and Temper Masters (I'm a BT though :D) If im not mistaken, BTs have higher damage(STR) because they are human while TMs have more buffs and lesser damage because they are elf. All of your comments and suggestions are well appreciated :D All of them will help :)
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