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  1. Hello im a new player i just downloaded the game i just want to know of there are still players ( Ung mga noypi marami paba nag lalaro dyan ? )
  2. Ahmm babalik sana ako ng laro ng Luna pero na rinig ko kasi na wala na dawng pinoy nag lalaro of meron man san po kayo nag tarambay at marami2 pa po ba ? TY in Advance
  3. i cant recieve a code on mobiamo ... pls work this out .. i dont wanna waste money for nothing help pls..
  4. ihero01

    Para Sa Pinoy

    wala na bang pinoy d2? -.- .. bumalik aq tas parang wala na
  5. sir gm pls help me i play celestia ol just this day my account was hack with the character named ladyblueeyes now gm my username was misspasaway i got a picture of my account when the hacker used it but didnt print it here is our chat aw but i lost it cause i copy the validation key here when i register pls sir help me with my account have pity sir im a girl a pinoy user and a fanatic of this game pls reply 2 my post sir gm the hackers account i cant remember sorry
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