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    Ok... here we go

    well... i was wondering... what about that if ONLY lvl 80 char can make a store on nera's castle, so we can reduce the number of fake sellers, because they just are using accounts with low level chars (at least they will need the time to raise the seller char to lvl 80)... maybe if we raise the lvl of requeriment for voting from 80 to 105, but i think that the first one its more suitable for our people...although the last one maybe its easier... what do you think, you guys?
  2. ikyh


    So... i left playing luna for a while, but im still voting in order to get my vote points... so now that i want come back to the game... can i spend my over 350 votepoints on skills resets, and exp in order to sell it online, or ill be accused for multivoting? or i need to post images validating that i had these points and how i spent it in order to get free of ban? im sure that im not the only one on that situation... i feel a little envy from the reporters... but surely im just paranoid...
  3. weeee ayudame a decirle al GM qe me devuelva mi cuenta...

    decirle qe ella entendio mal...


    donde checo si estoy baneado???.


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