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    forum chatbox

    dont know if this should be post in this section... but as the topic said.. except for the IRC...so many dont know how to use that.. is it possible..that we have live chat box in this forum..
  2. i didnt use extortion .im a lazy buffer :D.. just 1 hit them is enough to grind lot of loots at short time
  3. . if your poor.. hate " poor " words.. if you just started playing the game and consider as newbie.. still go to rouge.. even level 95+ rouge can farm at NH with +7 Trans set with at least 7+ eva each..(rein with dex or str.. specially Eva for boots ) and if you got level 104.. use + 12 AK.. that time.. i guess you farm 1b to buy +12 AK.. about the stat?? .. well it can be Str(damage output) Or Dex ( eva , crit Rate ) ,, i prefer full Str ( remember you said "poor", but its newbie for me ) " just reach 275 eva ",, and farming will be easy for you :) , but doesnt mean you will not die.. remember youre just using +7 trans set,, mage will hurt you .. but what i point here.. is that you said the " poor " thing that can grind at NC ( but still its newbie for me ,LOL ).. P.s @ lvl 99.. u can use ..death mask ( soooooo cheap item, can even buy for free ,, LOL ) equip death mask..then use berserker skill ,, +15 eva,, for the win!!.. when skill is initiated..you now change your Headgear again.. ( use fox helm?? with + 15 dex )
  4. tajole

    Show Yourself!

    you want?? note me in game ( vendomage ).. LOLXx
  5. i mean,, in 1 hour ,, lets say we used 5 mins , in selling and storing.. so 55 mins left for farming.. and if you look at my price list.. i said 1.5m per weapon.. but actually.. all weapons in nera ,costs 1.9m - 2.5m right..so if i use 2.2m as average price.. then my farming gold is much than i said before.. just make your character can 1 hit all mobs at nera.. except bosses like wookies .. i use tm dual dagger 4,7k p.atck ,1.65k crit.. can 1 hit them ( thats true, if dual dagger ) (if 1 dagger , u need 5.5k+ p.atk ) ,, then my Tm got level 113 now,, so i dont use it.. now im using BT ,, 1 dagger only,, 5k p.atk.. 1.5k crit.. 1 - 2 hit nera mobs.. but now my bt is lvl 112.. and drop rate is low.. 5 mins full bag is really possible, tested by me,using 2 different rouge class ( elf tm, human BT ),, so its time to make destro....coz i got really bored,, seeing hunter blasts again and again :D i got destro with 9.5k p.atck ,,1 - 2 hits or 2-3 hits nera mobs..and O.o takes me 10mins+ to make full bags.. due to consecutive stun.. so rouge class the fastest farmer in nera.. (for me, ok?)
  6. tajole

    Show Yourself!

    there's nothing to do in game.. gonna join forum bonding :D
  7. tajole


    this might help you.. option - chat - close exp point message..
  8. maybe we can have compilation thread of spotters :D coz i have 28 spotters in my screenshot folder.. and i post 1, coz he makes me mad.. i go all server ,but all with farmers.. and then i found my 10th try of changing server that has no competition in farming.. and then someone go in that area.. Wtf!! i got crashed!.. so i recon.. and what he said.. this is my spot.. LOL.. i report him :D
  9. he might gone wild.. crazyboyskids-gone-wild :D
  10. tajole


    destro full vit sir.. at 105 the skills u need.. max sword storm earthquake lvl21 lvl 1 despair.. then buffs and passive.. dont get burning crash ( since u want farming only,right?).,or else you will be lacking of skill points. coz when u get at level 110.. u can reskill ur swordstorm to burning crash.. mine 1-2 hits or 1-3 hits Nera Mobs.. swordstorm (high diameter of aoe than earthquake,since they are running toward you) -then despair to make them paralyze -and last earthquake,to kill those mobs closer to you.. at that style,, i farm 3 bags full of weapons per 10mins.. ( but i prefer rouge classes, 5 mins can fill all my bags,since can 1 hit them with hunter blasts)
  11. its up to 110.. all mobs still drop npc weapon at that level.. and also.. at that level..wookies give me kynee ,, Ftw
  12. my farming stats for 5 mins.. i got 300+ rune ore/leather/clothing.. let say 40m.. + 3 bags full NPC weapon.. lets say the average price of weapon either lvl90/95/100 is 1.5m.. 3bags = 60slots.. 60 x 1.5m = 90m + 40m for ores... 5 mins = 130.. lets say in 1 hour.. im selling/walking and storing for 5 mins.. therefore 55 mins /5 mins per run = 11 .. then 11 * 130m = 1.430b per hour.. thats my average farming.. i think my minimum gold per hour is 1b,, then 2b maximum.. i first use dual dagger templar master,, but buffing is kinda slowing me down.. so i decided to use Blade taker ,, dual dagger with 300 eva.. 1 hit mobs.. after my BT got lvl 112.. im going to create entrapper.. :)
  13. tajole


    dont be out of topic :face palm:
  14. for philo???.. yup its possible.. for example 7 eva 7 eva 5 eva 7 strike 10 str
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