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  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! im not the "old old old old old old" type. XD i do consider myself as an alumni. LOL XD hehehehehehhehehe
  2. :D Hellloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Its been a month since i last opened this forum account. I wanna say hello to my friends and for my future friends. LOL! Just sayin' .. "howwdddie !" Thats all.. Bye. xD
  3. KamoteTops


    -________- Every class has its own weaknesses and their advantages. Rogues may be weak on some points but when it comes to crit, they really are good in it. If you are not noob, then you'll get my point. :P
  4. KamoteTops


    agree Dude. these skills are not noob since these are others’ way for winning especially when their enemy gets more advantage to them. but all they do is insult these skills since they are being defeated by these techniques.
  5. KamoteTops


    do you even understand what you're sayin'? LOOOOOL
  6. KamoteTops


    every class has its own special abilities. You just need to learn it.
  7. yeah, already been suggested. well, this suggestion was denied for several times. RMT’ers or account seller/ buyer or any one who do illegal things can easily change their Ign’s.
  8. you cant always get a good crop in farming in-real life, and so in-game. otherwise, it wont take you hours to destroy those trash.
  9. no pain, no game. trashes are part of the game. for instance, everything has its flaws and so is the game.
  10. well, in some cases, these guys make e feel like im famous having haters like 'em xDD
  11. private donation and donation are different although it involves money. PD items are more valuable than donation.
  12. KamoteTops

    ~Hate skills?

    I used to hate silence before but when I made my rm, I started to love it. LOL!
  13. KamoteTops

    ~Hate skills?

    I used to hate silence before cut when I made my rm, I started to love it. LOL!
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