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  1. i think it's legal, since there're no rules about it and if u guys doing an open war ( no rules ) , i think u already have ur ans
  2. Bachelor 4 - 4,5b Medusa clean 2b, +12 3 - 4,5b, +13 6,5b gemini clean 1,5 - 2b, int or m.a 3 - 5b castor clean 3 - 4b, int or m.a 6 - 7b hathor int 20 = 300 - 500m, 19,9 m.a = 4 - 5b
  3. -green-

    Kynee Bug?

    what kind of skill hack o-o ?
  4. -green-

    Kynee Bug?

    so many bug , idk why, 1st pet skill , now stealth on kynee, what's next ?
  5. Happy Birthday -R- :D no free gift ? :ph34r:
  6. -green-

    Show Yourself!

    wew, ur face is covered by lips, ups, just kidding :D <3 those eyes, do u use some lens ?
  7. -green-

    Show Yourself!

    Here I am :D with my partner at office :wub:
  8. bitchplease, drama everywhere
  9. Yes i claimed it as my own, yes it was a bad move and no i'm not an attention seeker. I try to keep myself to myself and not dump my problems on anyone else. I have a general idea of who did this, but i won't mention names as i might be wrong. and what this thread for ? to gain more attention :o and u r more quite after ur secret has been revealed, it's good though, silence is gold
  10. -green-

    Farm class :)

    the best and cheapest is entrapper , it has lv 4 exortion while other's just lv 2 CMIIW~
  11. kelly is a spammer not a faker lololol :D
  12. i didn't do a sarcasm thing, and i asked orange for it, why u suddenly spawned with ur "as far as i know" just learn it well, as i said, then u could comment, if not, just let the staff to answer
  13. oh really ? r u new here ? u could open shop at nc 1 and nc 3, learn well, master
  14. why u forbid him to opened shop at chn 1?
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