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  1. i think it's legal, since there're no rules about it and if u guys doing an open war ( no rules ) , i think u already have ur ans
  2. Bachelor 4 - 4,5b Medusa clean 2b, +12 3 - 4,5b, +13 6,5b gemini clean 1,5 - 2b, int or m.a 3 - 5b castor clean 3 - 4b, int or m.a 6 - 7b hathor int 20 = 300 - 500m, 19,9 m.a = 4 - 5b
  3. -green-

    Kynee Bug?

    what kind of skill hack o-o ?
  4. -green-

    Kynee Bug?

    so many bug , idk why, 1st pet skill , now stealth on kynee, what's next ?
  5. Happy Birthday -R- :D no free gift ? :ph34r:
  6. -green-

    Show Yourself!

    wew, ur face is covered by lips, ups, just kidding :D <3 those eyes, do u use some lens ?
  7. -green-

    Show Yourself!

    Here I am :D with my partner at office :wub:
  8. bitchplease, drama everywhere
  9. Yes i claimed it as my own, yes it was a bad move and no i'm not an attention seeker. I try to keep myself to myself and not dump my problems on anyone else. I have a general idea of who did this, but i won't mention names as i might be wrong. and what this thread for ? to gain more attention :o and u r more quite after ur secret has been revealed, it's good though, silence is gold
  10. -green-

    Farm class :)

    the best and cheapest is entrapper , it has lv 4 exortion while other's just lv 2 CMIIW~
  11. kelly is a spammer not a faker lololol :D
  12. i didn't do a sarcasm thing, and i asked orange for it, why u suddenly spawned with ur "as far as i know" just learn it well, as i said, then u could comment, if not, just let the staff to answer
  13. oh really ? r u new here ? u could open shop at nc 1 and nc 3, learn well, master
  14. why u forbid him to opened shop at chn 1?
  15. -green-


    is that feather perma ?
  16. rawr, i'll come into her dream and make it the most beautiful dream XD ah, forget it XD
  17. welcome :D what's ur ign anyway?
  18. i learned that skill while i'm using golden axe~ and my deff increased though
  19. please read the title Can't enter the game no need to explain if u're now in game and ok bla bla bla
  20. Hi all, i have a Magnus which used 2H Axe, and i tried to learn Mace Protection Skill Lv 1 and whoops, my p.def increased about 10 yeah i know it's a cute additional deff, but it's work! will that skill works with any weapons ?
  21. check this out http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/10346-lets-change-the-color-theme-of-your-client/
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