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  1. looks like Momiji from Touhou, but this is most likely fan art
  2. Spandex

    Whats This?

    It's an old edit.
  3. Spandex


    Dat necro.
  4. Most annoying moment... Accidentally hitting a high level with an aoe at the PVP map, then they bully until you leave. NOT ONLY THAT, they also call their friends to help. Geez, no mercy... I can't control who my aoes hit >.>
  5. Spandex

    Necro path...

    1. Mage>Cleric>Priest>Inq>Necro - positives: you'd be able to learn binding skills such as Cripple to hold the target(s) in place, higher level hp passives, level 6 bless vital which is a good hp boost. negatives: super slow casting, low level buffs 2. Mage>Wizard>Sorc>Bishop>Necro - positives: stuns, higher level buffs from bishop including level 3 Shrewd Spell (fast casting). negatives: you'd be missing buffs such as Armor Link which adds more p.def, moderate hp and defense 3. Mage>Cleric >Sorc>Inq>Necro - positives: stuns, binds, higher hp. negatives: low level buffs, Cleric does not provide all that priest/bishop gives, no beholder, moderate defense 4. Mage>Wizard>Priest>Inq>Necro - positives: good hp, binds, basic buffs. negatives: low level buffs, slow casting, moderate defense, no stuns 5.(most common path) Mage>Wizard>Monk>Bishop>Necro - positives: higher level buffs including level 3 Shrewd Spell (fast casting), good defense with level 6 Shield from Bishop and level 4 Armor Link from Monk. negatives: no stuns, the hp isn't the greatest, but with good equipment it can become better Path 5 is the most common because players go for good defense and fast casting rather than the opposite. It's really flexible, but, there are other necros with the paths you have given, it's all really up to you and what you're comfortable with. Good luck ~
  6. And the error with this description is that it is single target, not an area of affect
  7. There are fishing spots in Moon Blind Swamp o_o I see people there sometimes. I do agree with #1 though, especially if the one that teleported has long range skills and the other doesn't <_<
  8. Spandex

    Now Playing???

  9. In the original server, being able to take one's exp was only available through the looting method, correct me if I'm wrong. But here in CL, when a PKer disconnects themself, the exp is still given, which is not supposed to happen. Hence it being a bug. You're right as it isn't really harming other players, but it's still using a bug to one's advantage, and it's pretty unfair if you think about it. I personally know of people who've gotten PK leveled from 150's, yeah it's nice that they can get that boost but think about the other people who actually worked their behinds off to get to their level via grinding and DD? idk, just my thought. As much I wish this was true, there are many who RMT, you'd be surprised
  10. Goes around looking for cheaper than usual items, then resells them so freaking overprice. Not many will buy from them. Lol
  11. BreakDown vs. NewPerspective. lolol nah jk. k
  12. Spandex

    Price checking

    Healthy worm - 3b is the normal price, anything higher is OP lol BWS - ranges from 45b-55b Legend cape 15 vit - 7b-8b, Clean 6b
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